07.04: Tuesday Festival

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07.04: Tuesday Festival

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Daytime in Amber brings a cold day. Fresh snow seems to have fallen just before sunrise, leaving a sparkling morning of white. Out on the very large grounds of Castle Amber is a full pavilion-style festival. Dozens of games of skill and strength are set up as well as countless shops and food stalls. Fennel cake, popcorn, as well as various foods from 100 other cities are offered. (Cotton Candy is making a repeat appearance from last year.)

The castle itself is on display, with the stone polished to a gleaming white that makes the snow seem ever so slightly dirty. Tours, short inexpensive ones, as well as more extravagant ones (for a higher price) are offered by the castle staff.

A small amphitheater is performing Shakespeare in the Snow, the story of Macbeth, told with snowball fights and the dumping of snow down tunics. (A disturbingly gothic mix of light hearted fun with dark themed undertones.)

There are many other nooks that can be found if you look. (Ask if it's here, it probably is. Or nearby.)

There is a small pond currently with free-skating and regular carriages to and from the city.

In addition, there are a lot of rumors about the ball to be held in Rebma this year. Under the water... And who might be invited.

(This thread will also keep track of who's transferring to where within the city. As a quick reference.)
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Re: 07.04: Tuesday Festival

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Harrune arrives early and spend some time poking around. A runner shows up to tell him where to find Ossian. Harrune heads off to the jousting field to track him down.
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