Jaeger Reisszahn

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Jaeger Reisszahn

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Alias: Jaeger Reisszahn (ray-ess-zayne)
Real name: Touzaki Akame
Age: 26

Description: A slim, average man at only 5’8”, Jaeger possesses angular features, deep red eyes, and a dyed mix of blue hues for hair. Choppy around the top and sides, with shoulder length layers in the back kept tied in a loose tail. His human form has a deceptively thin, toned appearance that evokes professional acrobats or free-runners. His musculature is lean and toned to extremes, and his body is dotted with tattoos. A crow’s feather over his heart, a pair of stylized swords on the sides of his abdominals, a pair of paw prints on his shoulder blades. Scars, too, lightly accent his form as reminders of failures in the never-ending hunt for glory, blood, and gold. He has learned to keep this look even after he has shifted back and forth from his true, anthropomorphized form. Rarely seen, his true form stands at the same height and is covered from head to toe in thick, fluffy pure white and black claws.

He is nearly constantly outfitted in light armor designed for stealth, quilted cloth and blackened leather, a single crimson muffler and belts for his quiver, cloth and belted skirt over his pants and chest armor that carries the sheaths for a pair of short swords which cross just below the tip of his spine, a quiver on his back, but no obvious ranged weapon. He frequently smokes from an elaborate, black and silver pipe of distinctly Asian make.

Trump: Under a night sky stretches out an endless path in the inky black of the sky, the path continues well past the viewpoint of the card, but is obscured by hills winding in the distance in increasing height. At the lower right of the card are a pair of figures set against the backdrop, a male figure in full leather armor with deep blue hair cascading around his shoulders, and a pair of swords crossed in an x formation hanging from matched sheathes at where the tip of his spine would be. The figure is looking off at the distant hills, while a blood moon illuminates the path below. Directly to his left, looking up at the distant moon, is a snowy white fox with its head just below the figure's hand. The blood moon is emblazoned with the pattern of the coin suit, a sole coin denoting the card's nature as the Ace.

Psyche: Jaeger can be confusingly quick-witted at times, particularly when guile is required of him, but he is by no means a genius. He can hold his own in conversation, and says things that sometimes belie a great deal of insight and a sharp eye, but he prefers to let his actions speak for themselves.
Strength: Underneath his armor, Jaeger’s slim, toned form belies years upon years of combat mobility and agility training. He is immensely dexterous and agile, able to navigate with practiced swiftness and fight with extraordinary finesse. He is deceptively strong for his svelte build, and has the toned musculature of a professional acrobat, but when push comes to shove he is capable of feats well above his stature.
Endurance: While not nearly as hardy as most, he possesses the constitution required to last some quick bursts of sprinting and can last several rounds of combat, darting around his opponent, before growing fatigued.
Warfare: The hunter’s precision with a blade is virtually unmatched, and only matched with his immense quickness and stealth. He is capable of using his weapons with unmatched finesse and precision, navigating the tides of combat with practiced grace and skill, and skillfully combating even the most stoutly armored opponent with his mix of guile and finesse.
Stuff: Jaeger has a fickle sort of luck, but nonetheless reliable. Even his worst blunders have been navigated, requiring some skill, but largely the proper thing going off at the proper time enabling him to smooth things over, sometimes even turn them in his favor, without much effort.

Shapeshift: (10) Avatar Form (Human), Shift Facial Features
Pattern: (40) Walked the Pattern, Shift to Complex Desire, Walkabout, Power over shadow.

Artifacts / Creatures:
Schattenjäger (light crossbow) (5 points): Double Damage, Shadow Movement* (arrows will track those attempting to flee through shadow), Self-Healing (Slowly regains bolts when not in use) and Alternate Form (folds into a kiseru, a smoking pipe)


Skills: 7 years as a monk-adherent, 5 years as a monster hunter, budding Pattern powers.

Talents: Kitsune Shapeshifter, Twinblade Master, Master Rogue, Well-Prepared Adventurer, Spring-Heeled

Quirks: Slow-burn temper, Avoids toe-to-toe combat, Gold and glory seeker, Chaotic Neutral, Non-human appearance
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