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Ch'talo, The Hunter in Silver and Blood

At first glance, Ch'talo might be considered "cute"... if he were 1/3rd his size. An anthropomorphic otter on a grand scale - 7'6", broadly built without losing that lutrine sleekness, broad paws tipped in long, vicious grey-silver claws, thick cinnamon-brown fur with a sheen as though constantly wet. What he wears varies, though it is often little more than pouches and belts, waterproof to protect the contents in his long swims. He is rarely far from his spear - a long shaft taller than he is, apparently carved from a single bone and inlaid with a delicate silver filigree that moves ever so slightly, and tipped with not one bit three claw-like obsidian blades.

(OOC note: Those in the know would recognize Ch'talo as a Lunar Exalt)

Trump: The Seven of Cups
A great cave, with a pool of water in the center, Ch'talo knelt at the edge clad in a crimson toga fringed in silvery filigree. Around the pool are six stalagtite/stalagmite pairs, the stalagmites smoothed and flattened bearing a single chalice, while the mate above is carved in the likeness of some great creature. The first chalice is of multicolored jade, and hangs below a carving of a serpent-man, the second of a bright silvery material (moonsiver) that almsot glows, beneath the curl of a great otter. Third is of a greyer metal that glistens occasionally (starmetal) that sits below the talons of an owl, while the fourth is orichalcum, and lies beneath a massive dire lion. Fifth is of greenish adamantium, perched beneath a huge rat, and sixth is of gleaming brass, a hyena staring out with hungry eyes from the column above. Ch'talo himself holds the seventh, a goblet made of blackened steel and carved to look like an inverted skull in a skeletal hand. It is overfull of blood, some running down Ch'talo's hand to the sand, where a splotch reminiscent of Pattern spreads, and his expression is uncertain, whether he should embrace or cast the cup aside.

Psyche: Low Amber. He's given to practical elements, rather than study.
Strength: Mid- to high-Amber. He is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, an excellent swimmer, and nearly acrobatic.
Endurance: Mid-Amber. He tracks prey without sleep for a week or more, and has sometimes battled with a skilled foe for hours.
Warfare: Mid-Amber. He is skilled as a fighter, but not in the art of fighting. He usually reverts to near-atavistic fighting, claw and fang.

* Shapeshifting: Ch'talo is a talented shapeshifter, capable of great feats of shapeshifting; however his skills are limited in some ways, see below.
* Sorcery: While not a spellcaster, he understands the way Essence flows and can use it to his advantage.
* Power Words(2): He knows certain knacks that assist him in his hunts
* Broken Pattern imprint: Part of his Exaltation involved making a sand painting, which echoed the imprint of the broken Pattern. In the afterglow, he stumbled along the course, meeting each challenge, and emerged.. different.

* Flawless Tracker - once he gets your scent, he can find you. Even shadowwalkers
* Ambush predator - He's very good at sneaking up on targets
* Fel Charisma - There is something dark and primal to him that fascinates lesser minds
* Sand Painter - He is a very accomplished sand painter and can create beautiful, large works
* Shamanic - He is comfortable talking with, negotiating with, and even hunting spirits

* Divine - He believes himself to be the Hunter in Silver and Blood, and expects this to be respected
* Tactless - He is just a little too cavalier about things he should keep to himself. He tends to be mostly unclothed (fur and skins will help keep him modest enough. Barely), and it's not long before any who interact with him realize he's been a maneater in the past.
* Barbarian - His preference is, and has always been, for the primitive, the wild. He considers himself a paragon of animals, rather than a member of civilization. He will always be uneasy in social situations, and will tend to do things like try and sleep out under the stars when he can.
* Sacred Hunter - He is a shapeshifter, but it requires that he truly understand a form before he can take it. As such, he has a "library" of forms he can take of creatures he's studied in his long life, but acquiring a new one can take weeks, if not months, of observation. Even if he gets "Walk to complex desire" the study requirement will still take him time.
* Atavism - If backed into a corner or in a situation where he is in over his head, he is prone to a near berserk animalistic rage that is reflected in his appearance (unconscious shapeshifting), most often to something more wolverine-ish on land, lutrine in the water.

Bad Stuff:
Ch'talo is a Hunter deep in his soul. Not only is he carnivorous, but he finds meat that he didn't slay by his own hands to be less satisfying (needing 4 times as much to feel sated). He is also cavalier about what he hunts; any reasonable length interaction with him will let slip that he has been an unabashed cannibal and man-eater. Also, he is a Lunar Exalt, and there will be complications due to that.

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