Kevin "Spellbinder" McKenzie

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Kevin "Spellbinder" McKenzie

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As one may guess from the name, Kevin is a magic-based superhero. Born the son of one of his world's most formidable mystics, Kevin was exposed to magic and everything that goes with that in a superhero world from a very young age. Naturally gift himself and driven by necessity he learned magic very quickly. A disaster overcame his home shadow, forcing him to flee. (If you want the details you'll have to ask him.)

Kevin is in his early twenties. He is a handsome man with black hair and grey eyes. While not the musclebound variety he clearly keeps him physically fit as well as mentally.

Psyche: Mid
Strength: Unranked
Endurance: Low
Warfare: Unranked

Pattern: Follow Shadow Path
Conjuration: Basic Conjuration, Complex Conjuration, Conjure Shadow Shape, Empowerment
Sorcery: Theory and Apprentice
Power Words
Good Stuff

Quick study for magic
Talent for arriving at the nick of time
Talent to not be phased by the frightening or unexpected
Eidetic Memory
Talent for singing/perfect pitch

Immature for his power level
Quotes/sings song lyrics during conversations
Superhero mentality
Always wears red

(Note: Obviously I'm leaving some details out. You'll find them out along the way.)

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