NPC: Osmund

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NPC: Osmund

Post by Joshua » Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:38 pm

(If you'd like to play Osmund, just ask. He's a bit of an ex-PC, but in this incarnation is mostly a follower. He's useful as a bit of extra muscle for a group of PCs that doesn't have it otherwise. He has a built in flaw in his endurance to prevent him from overshadowing too many people. The dagger is certainly an option for others.)
(Significantly altered to reflect new background.)

Osmund has many secrets, not the least of which is his race. He stands 5' even and 200 lbs, so he could be human. In formal occasions, he wears black-mage style robes with a light gauze over his face that only reveals two faintly glowing eyes. In not-so-formal occasions, he dresses in a strange, aviator outfit with a large backpack.

He's been around the city of Amber in the past few months (end of 6th year) attempting to gain intel on the castle. Terrified of being found, he's proven almost impossible to pin down. Rumors of this strange man can be heard among the city dwellers, but with the larger-than-life Amberites, the occasional monster attack, and lots of other general weirdness, they don't stand out.

Osmund has a dagger that defies any attempt to scan it with any other power. He holds onto it desperately, as it's his only defense against greater powers.

Trump: None
Arriving without an invite, Osmund is not in the original deck.

Psyche: Low to Mid (He's difficult to read, psychically, which normally implies some training.)
Strength: High Ranked (He has vaulted buildings and done some impressive free-running to avoid being grabbed.)
Endurance: Chaos
Warfare: Rather High Rank (He chooses meeting places and similar to his advantage, in most cases.)

Broken Pattern Imprint, Sorcery, Ring to hang spells, and a Dagger of Unknown Origin.

The Talent to Put It Back Together, After It Explodes
The Talent to Shoot Guns
The Talent to Mix Swords and Spells
The Talent to Hide His Features
Thaumatech Pragmatist

Read the second part of of his first talent.
Oops! That doesn't work here.
Taboo against showing his face / body.
Likes Carrot Cookies.
Hates any technology that "thinks" (Computers and AI really creep him out.)
Obsessed with being real and real things.

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