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Cameron (McAllister)

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Tall, broad, and thick, Cameron seems built like a man who lives by his hands and back. You'd need to be drunk to assume he was human, however, that build is broad enough to be Neanderthal, but the ivory tusks sticking past his lower lip and the deep green skin the color of Irish moss mark him as orcish. He is dressed crisply, if a little oddly - a long greatcoat of dark redbrown leather hangs open around him, and beneath that he wears the clothes of an adventuring gentleman: thick bootstailored to broad feet, deep red silk trousers with fine leather patches for the shins and inner thighs as befits a rider, white silk shirt open to mid-chest, and a black double-breasted leather vest with gold embroidery around the edges. A pair of brass, leather and glass goggles usually sit on his forehead, accentuating the thick brass ring through his flat nose.

He moves with the grace of one who has spent significant time aboard ship, and as his jacket shifts a heavy one-handed maul, forged from what looks to be a single piece of meteor-steel, can be seen hangign from his thick toolbelt. Over his shoulder a tooled leather pack, with random collections of wire, springs, tools, and other things that mark his trade, though the strangest is probably the net woven of fine steel strands, and the fishing pole peeking up from its holster.

On the rare times his jacket is off, you'll see on the back of his vest a toothed cog embroidered in gold thread, with a blue crystal crossed by a silver hammer

Trump: Eight of Coins
An mechanist's workshop is depicted, gears and wires and various pieces of metal lay here and there. Hanging on the wall are six tools from spanners and calipers to sculptor's chisels and a great maul, each set on a round stone panel, each carved with a cog, crystal and hammer motif. Cameron himself is depicted in a leather apron, loose black pants and thick leather gauntlets that cling surprisingly well to his fingers to allow for delicate work. He holds an unfinished seventh stone panel in one hand and a metal hammer in the other. Hints of silver trace along his green back though the design is too fine to make out details. In the background seen through a stone archway with an eighth round panel as a capstone, a great fortress of grey-black metal or stone sits overlooking a large body of water, with black-plumed steam warships in small relief. The citadel walls are partially breached in several places, and lightning seems to be striking one of the towers.

  • Psyche: Cameron has spent most of his life surviving by his wits and puzzling out things that are well above him. He may not come across as book smart, but any who think him a weak-willed, illiterate hunk of meat will find they have underestimated him.
  • Strength: Cameron looks stronger than he is, though he is no slouch. Most of his skill is in mechanisms, but that doesn't mean he can't haul a laden fishnet or a metal support beam if he doesn't have a crane handy.
  • Endurance: Cameron has gotten almost everywhere in life on foot or by sail and oar, and spent more nights outside than under a roof. As such, this makes him tough as a boar, and about as tenacious.
  • Warfare: Cameron never practiced the arts of combat, and while he was issued a rifle during the Crimean War, his preference is always to go for his hammer. It's the only thing that really makes sense in his hands.
  • Pattern: Cameron walked the Pattern under duress, and upon reaching the center flung himself deep into Shadow to escape. He's gotten adept at walking Shadow, but hasn't learned shortcuts or how to take anything more than what he himself carries.
  • Basic Conjuration: Can summon objects from Shadow. Useful for an engineer and repairman.
  • Star of Maponos: A one-handed maul forged of a single piece of meteorsteel. Due to the influence of being carried as Cameron walked the Pattern, it has acquired the ability to shape flesh like one shapes metal, with the usual care and caution and skill required.
  • Mechanical Engineer: Cameron has an innate sense of machinery and mechanisms. This is not electronics, but does include familiarity with crystaltech from certain Chaos-ward shadows
  • Natural Linguist: Cameron has a natural grasp of language. He was raised with church Latin, Irish Gaelic and English, and in the course of his life picked up Turkish, Italian, Greek, and Russian before walking the Pattern. He's likely picked up more tongues while walking back from deep Shadow.
  • Artisan Craftsman: Cameron has an innate sense for aesthetics and beauty, and as such anything he makes will be of fine workmanship and art. This does mean he'll tend to take extra time to finish things...
  • Good With His Hands: In his life, Cameron has been a mechanic, a sculptor, a fisherman, a farmer, a woodcarver, a leatherworker, a tailor, a weaver, a potter, and a smith. If it's a mundane craft, he seems to take to it like he was born to it. This does not, however, lend itself to medicine (except as provided by his hammer, above), electronics, or anything truly scientific.
  • Survivor: Cameron jokes that most of his life has been spent avoiding the next shoe's fall, and he's not far from the truth. As such, he's developed a good instinct at survival in the wilderness as well as in urban areas, and increasingly even in the social arena. This won't help him when he is the explicit target of bad things (witness him being nearly killed during his escape from the Fall of Fort Sebastopol), and it has not served him overly well in the Courts, but away from the knives of distant relatives, he seems to do well enough.
  • Wanderer: This is a nice way of saying "thinks with his feet". Most of his first personal year post-Patternwalk has been spent roaming Shadow aimlessly, trying to avoid whoever was trying to kill him. In some ways it's surprising he hasn't turned and walked back into Shadow already.
  • Quiet Giant: For beign a big brute, he is soft-spoken and tends to stay back. He won't necessarily innately follow someone, but he tends to defer to what seems to be the most knowlegable authority, and will speak up primarily when he feels strongly that a course of action (or inaction) is incorrect and dangerous
  • Firewater: He has a weakness for alcohol. Not that he gets drunk more readily than anyone else, but if it's available, he'll drink.
  • Perfectionist: When crafting things, he will spend an inordinate amount of time perfecting it, making sure it is just so. The end result is a work of art, but unless purposefully rushed he'll take significantly longer than necessary even on unnecessary items.
  • Gypsy: Cameron's life has been spent largley on the move and impermanent. As such, he has little to draw him to a "home", and this changes his expectations on many things. He tends to favor light, well-made things, and to never get attached to more than he can carry with him. Since walking the Pattern this propensity has gotten worse, since he has the ability to walk away from almost any situation.

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