NPC: Ossian

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NPC: Ossian

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(Note: If you’d like to play Ossian, let me know. He’s a balanced starting character, who just realized he only thought of himself as a big fish cause he was in a small pond. As an NPC, he highlights the shifting scale of Amber powers. Plus there’s a PC who really upset him through no fault of the PC.)

Description: Standing at 5’ 11” Ossian doesn’t tower over others in stature. However, his lithe swimmer’s build and angular face describe some that is other than human. More than one opponent has been surprised at how powerful his thin frame can be, and his gleaming silver spear is renown for taking down strong opponents. He is also known for his equestrian prowess and has a gleaming white mare, Enbarr, he is particular to.

Some of this renown comes from his etherial and haunting poetry that he composes. Balads and songs designed to praise his exploits and those of Tir-na Nog’th. A popular song in some parts of Amber is a ballad he composed to his lost family, who he left behind to join the new order. Describing regret that he did not bring them along, and how they were lost before he could return.

If you ask him (or most of the members of Tir-na) who was destined to be the Ruler, his name would be at the top of the list. He’s clearly got powerful fae blood in his veins. He knows about leading men in battle and the ins and outs of magic. He knows the proper way for kings and lords to act and what will bring glory to the region.

One of the first acts in game will be him receiving his trump card. While too cultured to show it outwardly, his rage at not even earning a face-card knows little bounds.

Trump: Seven of Wands

Psyche: Low Rank
Strength: Low Rank
Endurance: Low Rank
Warfare: Low Rank
While Ossian isn't the best at anything, he's strong all-around, and if you have a weakness, he can exploit it.

Pattern: Walked the Pattern
And a smattering of "fae magic", from Shapeshifting to Enchantment.

Ossian has managed to alienate almost the entire Tir-na Nog'th staff through his condescending attitude. He does tip well, and offer help where it's needed. In his mind he's a benevolent lord and thus should be well liked. To everyone else, he's a jerk, but loyal to the Court and Amber.

After time with other elder fae, he's skilled in the art of mincing words, deflection and being haughty. He's also been a general in a celtic-style army, and knows how to fight on foot and from horseback. His equestrian skills are a match for anyone in Amber.

Luck and Confidence
Warrior Poet
The Talent to Battle with Words
The Talent to Ignore Illusion
Perhaps To Redeem

Elder Fae
"Of course, I’m right." (Immodest)
Superior Station and Race
Blind to Consequences
Perhaps To Fall
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