NPC: Oberon

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NPC: Oberon

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(If you'd like to play Oberon, just ask. He has some dark secrets, and is here to help demonstrate what members of court do with themselves. He always has things to do and diversions galore. In the books he "wins' Dworkin's game, but that's not for a few centuries at least and we've taken a number of liberties already.)

Before he was something else, Oberon had a strange past and childhood. It's a little like meeting Henry the VIII before he ascended. Oberon oozes confidence and friendship. He is a strong comrade, supportive and upbeat. He listens, and when offered, his advice is good. Still, he lets others find their own way, preferring to observe than interfere, sometimes helping even if his advice is ignored, just to see how things turn out.

Oberon loves jousting, swordplay, wrestling and contests of all kinds. He's recently developed an interest in tenis (Jeu de paume actually) and has set aside part of the castle as an indoor court. He is both a good winner and a good loser, making sure that all enjoy the game so long as they did their best. There is always a rousing round of drinks and food at a tavern afterwards.

Oberon is a womanizer. He's a good lover, and never implies that he'll be there in the morning. In fact, if a woman wants there to be something more, he will shut that down before something happens. He's a bit sexist, so a warrior woman would be quite a wakeup call.

He is fascinated by the pattern, but is unsure of how to find out more. This curiosity is one of the few cracks that shows something deeper underneath the knight-playboy exterior.

Trump: Page of Swords (if a PC really wants page of swords, I suppose Oberon could be bumped up to the knight, or down to the Ace.)
Oberon stands atop the landing in Amber that connects to Tir-Na Nog'th, but it is midday and the city is not visible. Due to forced perspective, he looks like a giant, standing by the diminutive sea, holding a gleaming sword in two hands, ready to face all threats with solid footing. Reflected in the polished hilt is a fragment of Castle Amber.

Psyche: Low Ranked (5-ish)
Strength: Mid to High Ranked
Endurance: Low Ranked (5-ish)
Warfare: Mid Ranked

Pattern, what more do you need?

The Talent to be larger than life.
The Talent to listen.
The Talent to play (cards) close to his chest.
Friends in Odd places.

Grand and chivalrous.
A little too good.
Loves life. Good food, good drink and good women.
Friends he shouldn't have.
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