NPC: Darnell

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NPC: Darnell

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(If you wish to play Darnell, just ask. As an NPC, he is tasked with geting newcomers up to speed with 'public secrets' and information. His motivation allows him to do that, then become a more interesting player once people start expecting his information.)

Darnell is a fop. The fact he's a long eared 6' 3" elf with pale gray skin with long black hair only makes the outrageous hats and outfits he wears more notable. He never wears the same outfit twice, although he's been known to wear it until he sleeps which can be as long as a week or more.
A flamboyant, charming oddball, he’s always willing to lend a hand. He likes to help others find what they want. Sometimes he’ll disappear for a day or two, returning with something they asked for. He likes to offer items he made or found with Pattern to others. He never asks for favors in return. So long as you don’t ask him for something, he’ll give freely.
If you are female, you will get the occasional flower or similar gift from him. He's not hitting on you as much as appreciating fellow beauty. (For only one as beautiful as he, can appreciate someone as beautiful as you.) And yes, he does this regardless of how attractive you think you might be. (OOC: If you are female and don't want this attention, let me know OOC and I'll can it.)
Dworkin has taken a bit of a like to Darnell, and is teaching him some basic drawing techniques. Darnell can often be found practicing and will sometimes frame a conversation as a request for an individual to model.

Trump: Wands, Perhaps Page if no PC has it, Perhaps the Seven of wands.
Darnell has walked the pattern and does wish a face card.

Psyche: mid Ranked (15-ish)
Strength: Amber
Endurance: Low Ranked (5-ish)
Warfare: Mid to high. The few times he ever displayed a blade, he made sure it was flashy and overwhelming. To the point of looking staged.

Pattern, Minor Trump

The Talent to always be awake.
The Talent to hold favors.
The Talent to find what others desire.
The Talent to ingratiate.
The Talent to make any outfit look good.

Just a little creepy. (Free Candy?)
Elven Beauty
Unable to let things rest.
Fine wine and food only.
Web of Favors
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