NPC: Morgana

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NPC: Morgana

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(If you'd like to play Morgana, just ask. She's more here to give you an idea of what it takes to be a leader. She is designed to play with various powers.)

Morgana is big. At 6' 8" and about 400 lbs, she's huge all around. Being an ogre, her mouth is oversized with a flat nose and long stringy black hair. She normally wears shamans robes, with various feathers, leather, and pouches of herbs.

Despite her size and ogre heritage, Morgana is entirely spiritual to the exclusion of her physical body. The raw power inherent in her genes does keep her fit despite her habit of spending too much time in prayer, sweat lodges and various vision quests.

Morgana is quite kind with a gentle voice. She used to be a healer that lived outside of a small human village. Despite her kind's reputation, she did get along well with the village children.

Trump: Ruler of Coins (Queens)
Morgana sits on a large throne made of obsidian and polished hardwood. In front of her is a cauldron, surrounded by various animal and spirit totems. She is offering a single coin to a ghost child that is standing with a hand out. An examination of the background shows this is a large meeting room in the fort of Ht'gon An-Rit. The cauldron is smoking slightly with a bit of a fire built underneath. The smoke is half-formed into a representation of the Pattern.

Psyche: Mid Ranked
Strength: Amber
Endurance: Amber
Warfare: Amber

Pattern, Sorc, Conjuration and seeking to combine them.

The Talent to combine:
The Talent to cook.
The Talent to be good with children.
The Talent to heal.

Protective of Children.
Difficulty raising voice.
Afraid of own physical power.
Ogre. (not something you can hide.)
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