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Lydre-Altherin Lyra (in more formal settings) or Lyra Wolfgrin (in the common tongue) is a young half-elven girl whose dark elf ancestry is clearly apparent in her features. While not as dark featured as her Underdark ancestors, she shares other traits with them such as her straight white hair, which she enjoys decorating in various braid patterns with the occasional bead or feather, and her bright purple eyes. Her natural grace is apparent in her movements and she has surprised others on occasion by entering a room without a sound, though this could also be attributed to years of practice and a natural talent at moving about unnoticed.

In public, her usual dress tends to be highly fashionable though in subtle ways, with the preferred color being a rich purple to match her eyes. When studying or assisting Rasanam with his steam-powered projects, Lyra seems just as comfortable in tight fitting cloth and leather designed for ease of movement and stealth. On all occasions however, she is never without a particular piece of jewelry; a golden wedding band, inset with diamond dust to form an intricate circuit like pattern.

Trump Card: Queen (Guide) of Coins
A compassionate and beautiful young Dark-Elf girl of mixed heritage seems to look straight out from the card at the viewer. She stands in front of a vast expanse of water somewhere far underground, her features illuminated by light emanating from the pool itself. Reflected in the pool is a Dragon of deep purple scales sitting among piles of golden coins. The bright noonday sun illuminates the creature, making her impressive appearance somehow warm and inviting. Coins spill from the grassy bank around her and into the water; creating ripples in the surface that take the form of the Pattern itself. Both Dragon and Elf wear identical golden rings on corresponding digits. After viewing the card a number of times, one might begin to notice that the shadow on the cavern walls behind the Elf do not seem to be cast by the same sunlight illuminating the rest of the scene.

Psyche: Exhibits no obvious weaknesses, so presumably at least Amber Rank, though she has yet to be tested.
Strength: While Lyra doesn’t appear very strong most of the time, she is known to prefer taking the form of a Shadow Dragon. The “Shadow” here depicting a specific dragon type from her home, not necessarily having anything to do with the Amber definition of “shadow”. It’s a fair assumption a dragon of her size might exceed Amber rank.
Endurance: At least Amber rank but hasn’t really been tested. Those with natural shapeshifting may note that Lyra can change from elf to dragon very quickly.
Warfare: Unknown. Lyra does her best to avoid conflict in general, let alone direct physical confrontation and has no interest in testing or proving herself. The perceptive may note that Lyra is always aware of her surroundings and tends to move silently by default.

Sorceress’ Apprentice – Lyra has exhibited minor magical talent of her own and is pursuing the study of Amber magic as well.
Shapeshifting – Lyra’s preferred alternate form is clearly her deep purple Shadow dragon appearance though she has been seen about the castle in other forms.
Pattern –

-Makes friends easily, a talent she seems to share with her husband.
-Great at appraisal, bargaining, and negotiating, primarily with financial/mercantile matters.
-Can make any outfit look good.
-Skilled artist: Lyra’s hobby has developed into an impressive talent through her practice at helping Rasanam with his craft. She’s taken to painting as her preferred medium and has decorated their rooms with impressive scenes depicting a wide range of subjects.

-Despite coming to Amber, remains faithful to Eilistraee and subtly gives thanks/praise/credit to her. When in Amber, she can be found at the highest accessible point of the castle in the hour before Dawn. As she will explain to any curious, “We bring our praises to Eilistraee in the Twilight hour, when the world itself is on the brink of change, of passing from darkness into light.”
-Always tried to see the good in others and helps those in need, even if it’s not always in her best interest.
-Spends most of her free time with her husband, Rasanam.
-Show up to balls/functions shapeshifted into various creatures. Of course it’s easy to identify her as she would always be wearing her wedding ring and would remain close to her husband.
-Shows a particular interest in individuals of “monstrous” races and their cultures.
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