NPC: Dworkin

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NPC: Dworkin

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He was a small man. Tiny, might be an even better word. He was around five feet tall and a hunchback. His hair and beard were heavy. The only distinguishing features in that great mass of fur were his long, hook nose and black eyes.

Dworkin is a man of many faces. Many old and insane faces. He is a mentor, a madman, an artist extraordinair. He is Leonardo Da'Vinci mixed with Mephisto and that dark uncle who always wants to help you, but always seems to get you to do all the work. He drew the pattern and therefore the world that exists and all worlds that exist. Amber is his game, and he won't explain the rules.

Trump: Major Arcana 13: Death.
Dworkin as an old man is in a room. He pulls back a curtain at the back to half-reveal a pattern on the floor. A young page looks through in awe. In the center of the room is a table with a chess set. Notable pieces include a serpent and a unicorn.

Psyche: Very High
Strength: More than Amber (and downplays it.)
Endurance: Pretends to have Chaos unless no one is looking
Warfare: Flashes of 5-ish.

Pattern, Trump, Sorcery, Conjuration, and seems to be able to photocopy Trump Cards.

The Talent to Avoid Questions
The Talent to be more than one thing at once.
The Talent to draw.

Old Man (Perhaps a tell, but definitely an impression you get from just a few seconds of interactions.)
Insane / Hyper-sane. (Can you be both?)
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