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Harrune is an anthropomorphic dog. (For those of you familiar with World Tree, he's a Cani.) He stands about 5' 9". His face strongly resembles that of a German Shepherd. From what can be seen, his whole body is covered in fur. His fingers are a bit stubby, and have claws on them. The legs are shaped like human legs. He has a very canine tail, and his choice of clothes always leaves it exposed and free to move.

Harrune was one of the earliest arrivals to Amber. Stories say that he arrived unconscious and wounded near to death...and some say he was carried in by the Unicorn itself. Not surprisingly the stories are disputed, and no one can say for sure (except maybe Quinn or Dworkin, but they haven't spoken on the issue). It is well known that he was among the first to walk the Pattern. Since then he has spent a lot of time walking the Shadows to bring back things (and people) to help Amber get established.

Harrune is very well known throughout all four Courts. When it comes to the "six degrees of separation", in Amber you'd be unlikely to need four before you hit him. He has a small (by Cani standards) family in Amber, and several of them (including himself) are active in business interests throughout Amber. They are not the wealthiest merchant family in Amber, but they have a strong reputation for dealing honestly.

He tends towards simple, but well made clothing in subdued colors. He usually carries a sword, but no one can ever recall seeing him draw it. He is known as a talker, not fighter.

Ruler of Wands
A frontal view of Harrune sitting on a throne of silver. Behind him are stairs winding up to Tir'na Nog'th in a sky with a full moon and a few scattered clouds. He is dressed in plain clothes that seemed dirty for a long voyage. On his head is a crown of white amber. In his right hand he carries a walking staff. At his feet sits a golden balance. In the right (and heavier) pan is a silver representation of the Pattern. The left pan contains an oddly shaped tree.

Psyche - Harrune has never been known to cast a spell, but has come back with magical items in the past so it's safe to say he at least knows real magic when he sees it.
Strength - Unranked
Endurance - While like most Amberites he can go days without sleep, it is unlikely that it is more than low rank.
Warfare - Given recent events (like this for instance) it is safe to say that Harrune has High rank in Warfare.

Pattern- He may well be the most active Shadow walker in Amber. As was recently revealed Harrune has full Pattern Imprint. He may be getting close to some of Advance Pattern Imprint, but he's not there yet.

Being Cani. He has teeth and claws like a dogs...and senses of hearing and smell to match.
Cani Loyalty to Amber/Tir-na Nog'th. Cani develop strong loyalties which drive them to extra effort for those they are loyal to.
Well Connected - He knows people pretty much everywhere in Amber. That isn't to say that they all love him and will give him special treatment, just that he knows who to talk to on pretty much any topic.

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