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Board Rules

Post by Joshua » Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:17 pm

If you're posting on here, you probably have a character made or semi made. This is NOT a board for character sheets. Characters in Amber have secrets. No one needs to know your stats, what powers you have, or anything else about you. However, for the sake of sanity, this board is for what has become publicly known or at least, the story you tell others. Also a useful reference for what you look like and how you tend to act.

Most players slowly edit their description over time as more and more information comes out about their characters. If you do this, you may find it interesting to keep the original information somewhere to show how your character has evolved over time.

Also, Rule 1. If your character wouldn't know about something posted here, they don't know it. It's fairly reasonable to assume what's posted here is fairly easy to find out. But, error on the side of caution please.

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