Aibne Grant

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Aibne Grant

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A fierce, hulking bear of a man, Aibne stands at an astonishing seven feet. Shaggy brown fur covers his body, and he wears a large cloak made of wolf-hide. His eyes are a piercing, icy blue, haunted by dark memories when he allows himself to think about them. At his left hip is a leather sheath with a copper handle out of the end - a sword of carved stone, carefully kept to a sharp edge, without a hand guard to speak of. On the second finger of his left paw, he wears a golden band with many small gems on it.

The large cloak covers him fairly decently, hanging down to about his mid-thigh. Beneath it, he wears a plain tunic and a long kilt, which itself hangs to below his knees. He carries relatively little, though his muscles are sizable enough that he could likely carry quite a great deal if he chose to. When he must carry something, he prefers to take a backpack.

Trump: Seven of Coins
The card is a seven of coins, and shows the bear in full armor. Seven chests are scattered around a tree, and the bear at rest, looking over them. It is a simple card, and Aibne looks almost peaceful in it, but ready to continue with whatever he needs to do.

Psyche: He is reasonably intelligent, perhaps much more so than his form would suggest. Far from a great genius in the courts of amber, but still above the common folk, he is able to hold his own in most any conversation.
Strength: Beneath his hide are noticeable muscles, but musculature is far from everything in the courts of Amber - who knows what feats of strength he and his claws are capable of?
Endurance: The bear only very rarely grows weary, able to go easily all night and all day for several days. But this is a feat many in Amber are capable of, to be sure - and Aibne's endurance has probably never been truly tested.
Warfare: The sword at his hip is always comfortable in his hand, and his dress is reminiscent of the Celtic warriors from shadows long past.

Powers: Sorcery, Pattern (?)

Artifacts / Equipment: Lèirscrios, a stone sword capable of repairing damage to itself over a slow period. Draoithe Folaithe Fios, a gold band set with twelve small stones, each of which glow a different color.

Talents: skald, dancer, friend to children, half-bear, legend-seeker.

Quirks: skald, friend to children, half-bear, legend-seeker, Vigilant Insomniac.
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