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The Raven
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The Raven

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The Raven is a short, slight, dark man, and his raven totem shows through fairly strong. This means long, dark, hair, matted almost to the point of looking like feathers. His face is generally unkempt, brown eyes with a bit of a reddish tinge, or possibly glow. As a raven he appears to be a slightly larger than normal raven, though if you look closely enough his eyes also faintly glow red.

How exactly he got to amber is unclear. (The Raven was once a member of a chaos court, for those who know about them, If you want to know why he was exiled you'll have to ask him.) For one reason or another, landed in castle amber (literally, as if he were launched by a giant inter-dimensional catapult) with most of his memory "blasted away." This is why he's called "the Raven" he doesn't remember his name.

The Raven generally tries to blend into the background with his dress. A long, dark coat (not quite a trenchcoat,) a wool sweater, and khakis. His idea of dressing up is to wear a sweater made of nicer materials. Always looks cold. Of course, he's almost always found in the form of a large Raven so this does not usually matter.

Trump: Five of Swords
The sky is filled with chaotic black clouds that threaten a thunderstorm or worse. Five broken swords belonging to four mangled samurai lay on the ground, the scabbards lined neatly against the tree. Standing, injured but victorious is the Raven’s human form, leaning heavy against his chipped sword and the tree behind him. His hair, once in a top-knot, has been cut off by a slice that has left a wound on his head. His face is one of disapproval, it’s clear that survival was not the intended outcome. On the ground, an unintelligible letter is stained and disintegrating within a pool of red. Above, a large Raven sits perched on the branch of a small tree. Raven's glowing red eyes are focused below as the sole witness. While the raven's eyes don't seem to follow you, he is holding a blue eye from one of the samurai in his mouth, and that seems to look straight out of the card.

Natural Habitat: Lurking in the shadows. (Characters that know the Raven well will assume if the Raven was nearby and can't be found, he's still there, and lurking within earshot)

Psyche: Unknown - However, losing his memory left his mind a bit of a hazardous wasteland to intruders, so he has at minimum a defensive advantage.
Strength: Unknown, he's a schemer more than a fighter. Judging by his build though, low rank at best.
Endurance: Judging by the quantity of his shapeshifting probably decent.
Warfare: Low Ranked, at minimum. As much as he tries to feign ignorance, he's obviously talented.
Shapeshifting, and considering how he arrived in Amber he's probably subsequently been made to walk the pattern.

Mundane(?) ravens seem to follow him around. They aren't exactly "minions" but he seems to be fairly friendly with them.


A talent to blend into his surroundings
Eagle Eyes (technically they're Raven eyes but really there isn't much difference)
A talent to know where he's "needed"
A talent for wild, complicated, schemes

A "talent" to pick up stray shiny objects (Note: This is actually a quirk)
Always looks cold, (also tends to be dressed warmly even if he's in disguise)
Glowing Red Eyes(faint, but noticable), especially in Raven form. It's not clear if he can't change that or prefers not to. His eyes do not normally glow red in human form.

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