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So, last game was brought to a screeching halt by a decree. So, for now... I suggest the following rules:

Rule 1 Clarification: Any decrees should be at MINIMUM run past the ST. Ideally, posting it on the OOC forums first and addressing major concerns mean that you'll have a general idea of how people will react, and can make up some "We thought of this and already fixed it." Conversely, if someone posts it on the OOC forum first, don't be a jerk about it. It is a fellow person attempting to make sure the game runs smoothy.

For the actual post:
  • You only post a short intro. The first paragraph should be enough to give an idea of how the document sounds.
  • The rest is a list of bullet points. General ideas contained within.
  • Fixes and similar are posted on the OOC board. So they don't clutter the IC board.
  • In general, finding intentional or hidden loopholes, or taking offense are done with stat challenges.
  • This is because "amber" stats are basically 'no obvious weakness' level. Thus writing done at this level has no obvious IC weakness. (Although, it could be a written feint, but... we'll figure that out.)
Sound good?
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