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Jocas is a huge man with a bushy beard and blue eyes - the sort of person who gets described as "bear-like", though that's clearly metaphorical rather than literal. He can usually be found by a forge, working on something - ranging from simple useful things like plows or horseshoes, to intricate bits of jewelry or clockwork.

If left to his own devices, Jocas dresses in simple clothing suitable for hard work; if he's found in fancier attire, it's a safe bet that someone (most likely his wife, Vikky) decided to overrule his selection. The one constant is a necklace with an amber teardrop pendant - faintly visible inside the amber is a sliver of bone perhaps half an inch long.

Four of Swords. Jocas is depicted working on a sword in an open-air forge overlooking a calm circular lake, with two completed swords and one unworked blank resting on a rack nearby.

As of yet, Jocas has not demonstrated any particularly exceptional attributes (by amberite standards) or weaknesses - though it's probably safe to bet he has ranked strength.

Pattern, and apparently some tricks for crafting rather impressive weapons & devices.


Harfang, Zeer's Hunger: a massive two handed sword; it looks something like a scaled up version of this, with a five foot long blade, a hilt designed for two handed use, and a two-fist-sized chunk of amber for a pommel. Harfang is surprisingly lightweight (compared to what you'd expect for a blade that size), but it's still bulky and difficult to wield effectively without at least amber ranked strength. Jocas is rather protective of this weapon - if he's not personally carrying it, it's stored in a locked casket that appears to have been designed to survive hits from siege weaponry.

Shakrieth, The Storm's Breath: a longbow carved of silver wood with a metal string. Impossible to draw without at least mid ranked strength; unlike ordinary bows, there's apparently no need to store it unstrung. Shakrieth crackles with electricity when drawn, and arrows fired from it howl with gale-force winds. Not a subtle weapon.

Embersign: an almost delicate-seeming hand crossbow that can be folded down to a plain black box, 6" by 2" by 1". Bolts fired from it are shrouded in black flames that corrode more than they burn. The bolt is consumed over a matter of minutes, and damages almost anything it touches during that time, but the fires rarely spread. This weapon is both easily concealed and nearly silent when fired.

Balmung: a plain shortsword of simple burnished metal (similar to Jocas' armor). Holds an almost supernaturally sharp edge, but is clearly (to those with psyche enough to sense such things) nonmagical.

Several other named weapons of similarly uncanny craftsmanship; details will be added when necessary. OOC note: in terms of game mechanics, the described powers of these weapons are just "double damage" with fancy special effects.

Full plate armor - unlike the weapons, Jocas' personal armor doesn't have a name. Nor does it look all that special; well made steel armor, burnished in simple curved arcs. The most obvious oddity is its use of fine scale mail as a backing instead of the conventional chain mail - though, if you actually touch it, it feels a bit off: it never seems to pick up ambient heat or cold.


Celeste Ammarith Victoria, aka Vikky; Jocas' wife. A shadow alchemist of at least reasonable competence - even by Amber's high standards. Also a sorceress, though she tends to keep that low-key; when she was young, sorcery was subject to inquisition-style purges, and she's never really gotten comfortable revealing the full extent of her abilities. Wears a pendant very similar to Jocas'.
Jocas suspects that she may not be human - but magical creatures were even more subject to the aforementioned inquisition than sorcerers, and if this is true, it's a secret she's not yet been willing to share.

Solfair, Jocas' kingdom in shadow; technically ruled by Celeste, with Jocas only occasionally acting as an advisor or general. But Jocas can still draw directly on its people & resources if he needs to. (In part because a fair portion of the populace worships him as a god, or at least as an avatar of a god. He's tried to convince them otherwise, but, due to his own policies on tolerance, can't directly shut down such churches.)

To create.
To find potential.
To forge connections.
To have the right tools for the job.
To be an unstoppable force or an immovable object.

Happily married.
Everyone's a friend (until proven otherwise).

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