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Post by misfit » Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:29 pm

Nuall is a tall, slender young man of perhaps 18 or 19. He has blonde hair to his mid-back that is usually secured in a ponytail by a jeweled clasp. He has deep blue eyes, and a winning smile comes easily to his lips. He has a flair for elaborate clothing, preferring shirts and pants with elaborate embroidery, a finely tooled leather doublet, calf-high boots that have been polished to a bright shine, and a broad-brimmed hat decorated with colorful feathers. He moves with the casual grace of a dancer, or acrobat, or (judging by the rapier and dagger that hang from his belt) a fencer.

Nuall is a new arrival at court, having been there for less than 3 weeks. Very little is actually known about him, but rumors abound. Rumors say that the Unicorn was sighted on his arrival...and the more extreme rumors say the unicorn actually brought him to the Castle...but there are no reliable witnesses to confirm anything. Nuall himself has only said that he doesn't clearly remember his arrival because he was rather drunk at the time. It is known that Dworkin had Nuall walking the Pattern within hours of his arrival.

Nuall has been the pretty butterfly fluttering around the court, but never alighting anywhere for long. His courtly manners and boyish charm have done much to endear him to the Court. He has been seen in the company of most of the key players at Court, but apparently never long enough to make any real connections with any of them. Attempts have been made to teach him the realities of...well reality...but the lessons never seem to interest him for long. His interests seem to lie more with food and drink, gambling and dancing. Rumor says that though he has danced with many ladies at Court, not one has made it to his bed. Other rumors say that several of the men have though.

Ace of swords.

Unknown. Nuall hasn't been tested in any of them as yet. His movements imply he is probably above Amber rank in Warfare (at least mid-rank seems likely), but no one knows for sure.

It is known that Nuall has walked the Pattern, so he must have at least some skill with Pattern. He has yet to show anything beyond that.

His positive reception at Court and his success at cards and dice speak of a high level of Good Stuff.

Courtly manners
Disarming charm

Food and wine snob

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Re: Nuall

Post by misfit » Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:35 pm

Here's a more detailed description of Nuall's trump card, the Ace of Swords:

A man with long blonde hair, crowned in red and and white roses, stands atop the battlements of a castle. His upraised sword pierces a thin layer of cloud (or perhaps smoke from a battle?) and the sun glints off of the point.

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Re: Nuall

Post by misfit » Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:43 pm

It occurs to me that people have seen Nuall in action now. Most of what he's done hasn't been observed directly by the PCs, but I'm assuming that stories would get around.

Psyche - If it ain't Amber, it has to be close.
Strength - He hasn't been seen to really push it yet, but an educated guess would put him low rank...or at the very low end of mid rank.
Endurance - Low Rank
Warfare - High end of mid rank or low end of high rank.

He was walked the Shadows by himself, and gone to very specific things. This means that he has at least Walked The Pattern and Shift to Complex Desire under Pattern Imprint.

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Re: Nuall

Post by coldcandor » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:55 pm

I recommend also updating the initial post with your additional details so anyone can see the character's current state without needing to scan comments.

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