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A working sailor, Ruben is mid-height, with deceptively strong arms and legs, honed from hauling lines and scrambling up ladders and masts. His most distinguishing feature is his tanned, leathered skin, hardened by years on the sea, which allows him to take in even the most shocking information with little outward reaction, keeping his true feelings to himself.

Card: Eight of Cups

Psyche: Low Ranked
Strength: Low Ranked
Endurance: Mid Ranked
Warfare: Mid Ranked
Stuff: +10 (Ruben is already starting to develop a reputation as blessed by fortune.)

Pattern: 35 (Walked the Pattern, Shift to Complex Desire, Lead Others)

Education / Skills:
Ruben arrived in Amber after an Argonaut-style sea voyage involving weird aquatic and land based magical / mythical challenges.  A natural "consigliere," he focused on blending in, spending a few years in the courts of Amber learning some basic etiquette and courtly manners. Also a bit of time setting up trade and fishing.

The talent to Sail
The talent to let the details work themselves out
The talent to encourage others
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