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Benabik was one of the first "recruits" brought in by Dworkin (late in year 4). When he arrived, he was haggard and dressed in battered wizard's robes. He was cagy, distant, and spent much of his time holed up in the library. Over the course of the next year, he settled easily into his role as "royalty", although still tended to dress as if he was ready to leave at any point: travelling cape (or cloak, depending on weather), supplies on his belt, walking staff. He was somewhat imperious to the staff and cold but carefully polite to others. At the end of the year, he walked Amber's pattern and vanished. Nobody much cared that he wasn't heard from for more than a year.

He reappeared for a few months around the same time as Darnell's arrival (early in year 6), both arriving and departing with little fanfare. However, while he was there his attitude was notably different: far more polite to the staff (although still keeping a "regal" distance from them) and apparently friendly to other members of court. Public apologies were made to at least one person he offended during his first stay. He was last spotted simply walking off into the forest, dressed in his day to day attire.

Rumor about the castle is that he plans to return for Dworkin's year end festival: Servants have had orders to clean out his rooms and several deliveries have been made in his name.

Note: The arrival/departure dates are left a little hazy for ease of sorting out connections later, but he has been gone for most of year 5 and at least several months before the start of game (year 7).

Description: Tall and lanky, with a long face that is slightly weathered by age or experience. Wears high quality but simple clothing, designed for travel: lightweight shirts, durable pants, a belt with pouches, and a cloak or cape. For those with magical talents, many of his items have some variety of enchantment; for those without, there are small runes and patterns visibly etched on some. Often seen with a walking staff, topped with a crystal and half-covered in runes; the bottom half is charred but sturdy. Occasionally wears half-lens reading glasses, always on when performing research and often when he travels.

For formal occasions, he generally wears more tailored versions of his normal gear: ruffled shirts, tailored pants, a single belt pouch, his glasses, and often a jacket. Notable additions are a long stole embroidered with patterns in several metallic threads and his staff enchanted with minor illusions to complement his clothes and the theme of the event.

Trump Card: Ten of Swords.

The card shows Benabik atop a tower amid the ruins of a once great city. Eight gleaming swords, sized for titans, rain from the sky, piercing buildings and landscape. He holds a ninth sword, and is driving it downward, into the wizards tower beneath him. A feminine angel floats above, shielding Benebik from a tenth sword with her own body.


Psyche: His prior primary occupation was "wizard", so it's safe to assume he's fairly strong here. (At least mid-rank.)

Endurance: He travels a fair amount, apparently very lightly and by foot. He's also been seen immersed in research for apparently days at at time. (Mid-rank)

Warfare: He rarely engages in direct conflict, so his skill here is hard to judge. Of course, not visibly engaging in conflict at all takes some skill... (At least Amber rank.)

Strength: No apparent talent, although most of his pursuits are mental. (Likely Amber rank)

Powers: Pattern, at least. He carries several magic items around, but the extent of his sorcerous ability isn't widely known.

  • Finding things: Doesn't even need to look to find something of his own, tends to walk right to anything organized at all, and ferrets out hidden things faster than expected.
  • Focused: Can work on in difficult situations and focus despite surroundings.
  • Outside the box: Sees unusual connections between things and often takes a different approach to problems.
  • Magical Talent: Was a notable wizard without the many years that usually implies.
  • Thousand-Yard stare: Not always, but often when he's not otherwise occupied, he just stares off into the distance.
  • Note-taking: It is rare to see him without a notebook in hand.
  • Man without a past: It's not that he never talks about his past, but its rare and lacks much detail.
  • Obsessive: Once he really gets started on something, he tends to focus on it to the exclusion of most other things.
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