NPC: Quin

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NPC: Quin

Post by Joshua » Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:16 pm

(If you wish to play Quin, you may ask. He's someone I'd rather keep a little close though, as he is integral to some plots.)

Quin is a slightly heavy-set human. Short-cropped, black hair and dark brown eyes, clean shaven. He is never seen without his jester's outfit, an ill-fitting suit of blue and green, with the outrageous four tipped cowl.
Quin personally greets all newcomers to Amber. There has been some debates as to if he greeted Dworkin or not. General rumors are that he came with the castle or is, perhaps, part of it. (It is assumed Dworkin conjured the castle out of thin air, but no one has confirmed any of that.)

Trump: Major Arcana 0: The Fool
Quin is standing atop one of castle Amber's towers. He is leaping off the edge, carrying a hobo-sack over one shoulder. His shoulder-blades are slightly extended and face is starting to elongate. In addition to the jester's outfit, there's a formal cape draped over one shoulder.

Psyche: Low Ranked (5-ish)
Strength: Chaos
Endurance: Low Ranked (5-ish)
Warfare: You've never seen him engage in anything that requires it.

Sorcery, Shapeshifting (Only Automatic Shapeshifting)

The Talent to be in the right place.
The Talent to speak the truth.
The Talent to make light of the situation.
The Talent to be a friend.
The Talent to hide his past.

Never quite serious.
Always in costume. (Some speculate the jester suit is fused to his body.)
Unknown Past. (Cypher. Not only does he not talk about it, the information does not seem to exist in any form.)
Mouthpiece for Dworkin.

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