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Compiled Rules

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Character Creation

New players may use the standard book rules with no xp. After wards they will get the amount of XP needed to bring them up to the XP creation system.

All start at 1 except for one of your clan's favored attributes which starts at 2
Primary gets 65 xp
Secondary gets 55 xp
Tertiary gets 45 xp.
20XP that may be added to any attribute category or split between them.

Primary category gets 78 xp
Secondary category gets 48
Tertiary gets 30.
You get 3 specialties for free

You get 30 xp to spend on disciplines.
You must buy 3 dots of disciplines from your starting clan. After that you may buy bloodline disciplines, coils, thebian sorcery, or cruac if its available to you. (so you could get level 1 in all your inclans and level one coil). Any out of clans disciplines you must have someone who knows it who agreed to have taught it to you. (this may be an npc but they will want boons which will come up)

You get 40 xp to spend on merits or blood potency.
If you are a carthian, legion, or invictus you may buy your merits at half cost if you have bought covenant status.
A limit of 10 levels will be applied to carthian allies and invictus status. More than 10 levels will require explanation of why your character should have it and approval.

You get 35 additional xp that you can add to any category.

Other rules
You do not get xp for dropping humanity. You may drop from 7 to 6 with no penalty. For each level dropped after that you will pull for a bane
You may only start with one stat at 5.
Citizen is a 1 point merit for the setting
You must buy clan, covenant, and city status of 1 if you want to have them an can get them up to 3.
Only things out of the main setting book and vampire book will be approved at character creation. This does limit characters. If you want something outside the main two books you can ask but you will have to owe someone for helping you get it. Do not ask for more than one thing at creation. Lots of people have been pushing this line. I will be enforcing it for any final character that is approved. The only exception is for things that I have already put in the game that your character should have access to.

Invictus lose retainers and get mortal status half cost
Legions lose retainers and get vampiric status half cost and citizen merit for free. (may change still debating)

Special Rule
All characters get the ability to gift 5 xp in return for a major boon to 2 different players on their third game. The person gifted should not refuse without good reason.
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Re: Compiled Rules

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Common Blood Lines
You may make a character who has any of these blood lines as your sire. If there is another blood line you want it may be available but you will have to get BP 4 and be avised into it or have a specific NPC as your sire. Feel free to ask if there is one you want.

Taifa (Animalism, Fortitude, Presence, Protean) - A bloodline of social and sophisticated Kindred, brining a touch of class to the Gangrel
Larvae (Animalism, Celerity, Fortitude, Protean) - Dangerous barbarians, these Gangrel are even more cruel and degenerate than their parent clan

Noktuku (Nightmare, Obfuscate, Phagia, Potence) - Freakish cannibals who eat the flesh of others for sustenance
Baddacelli (Mimetismo, Nightmare, Obfuscate, Potence) - Blind vampires who live by sound, not by sight

Bak-ra (Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate, Presence) - Sun worshippers who wish to break the vampiric curse to once again emerge into the sunlight
Morbus (Auspex, Cachexy, Celerity, Obfuscate) - Plaguebearers who feed on disease and its carrier

Spina (Celerity, Courtoisie, Potence, Presence) - Masters of polite combat, the Spina are an Invictus lineage of courtiers and duelists
Anvari (Celerity, Nepenthe, Potence, Presence) - Drug pushers, users, and addicts hail from this ancient lineage

Macellarius (Animalism, Dominate, Fortitude, Gustus) - Gluttons who can eat food, and desire a constant stream of it
Bron (Animalism, Crochan, Dominate, Fortitude) - Eternal seekers of the Holy Grail, and the healing power it bears
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Re: Compiled Rules

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Covenant Powers
We are using true covenant status: You may only get the benefits of your true covenant. Any other status represents respect they have for you. It is not uncommon for low covenants to have status in a high covenant.
- Coils are each an individual discipline. So coils of blood are bought 1-3. If you then by a coil of the beast at level one you only pay 7 xp for the fist dot.
- Coils not in the main book along with new ones will be available if your character works to evolve themselves. Most dragons recommend doing this by learning about how other supernaturals.
- Blood Oaths will be altered and not approved at creation.
- Invictus get non vampire status at half cost instead of retainers.
- Legion get vampire status at half cost instead of retainers.
- They also get Citizen merit for free.
- Gangrel clan flaw does not affect thebian sorcery.
- Crone get -2 to their blood pool pull each game and a free safe haven because of the setting.

- Gangrel clan flaw does not affect thebian sorcery.
- They get -2 to humanity loss pulls instead of to degeneration.
- They are the same clan as the Julii from Rome.

-All mental and social powers are resisted by a conviction or resolve + blood potency pull that subtracts successes from the attacker.
- Monstrance Continence (level:1) forces the target to flee for 2 rounds per cumulative success. They must use all available means and powers to get away. This includes obfuscating, celerity, mist form or any other powers. It also means they will escape the best way possible. If used on someone in a room with one door and you are standing in it they will fight to get past you.
- Dread (Level:2) does not require concentration but still affects everyone.
-Eye of the Beast (level:3) Causes the target to be paralyzed with fear until attacked and then flee for the scene as per the book. It causes any target capable of fear frenzying to automatically fear frenzy for the scene. If the target has a power that prevents fear frenzy then the target is paralyzed.
- is being looked at please check the other posts to talk about it.
- Adds to strength as per table top. Does not add to your damage cap.

General rules
Ranged weapon that deal lethal are large and slow enough to be noticed and the defender does not lose defense. This includes bows, crossbows, thrown weapons, etc.
This is how you can figure out what ranged weapons do or do not take away defense.
Successes are base 8 plus 4 for successes.
Willpower gives +3 defense The book contradicts it between +3 and +2.
Staking if you do the targets total health levels in damage you can stake them. Your damage cap does not count for this. Staking is a -3 called shot. For now it is not allowed at range.

Mentor will come up. As a political game the covenants will have apposing goals. Mentor will be used to determine who they contact and who choses the reward.
Haven is 3 separate merits
- Haven Size
- Haven Security
- Haven Feeding
Are stated and run by the staff.
- One point merit
- Requires your character to have served the Legion in NYC
- Gives you a phantom 1 city status and Legion non true status in every city in the empire. Characters must still buy the first dot if they with to buy a second dot or more.
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Re: Compiled Rules

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Martial Arts

-Losing defense does not include Armor unless stated otherwise.
-Martial arts may not be used with shape-shifting powers.
-Only one martial arts may be used in a round.
-Martial Arts not on this list are not approved currently.
-You may only use one maneuver at a time. If a martial arts allows one power when you are attacking and one when being attacked you may use them both. But you may not use two attack powers. Static benefits like +1 when using a sword do not count for this.

Hay-maker and Body Blow do not work on anything that can not be knocked unconscious by bashing, like vampires.

Kung Fu
Whirlwind Strike is limited to 3 attacks in a round.

Two Weapons

May only be used with the weapons listed in the martial art.
Riposte requires spending a willpower as in the errata.
Moulinette's damage is capped at the rating of the weapon.

Does not exist.

Needs more review before approval. Please ask if you want it finished.

Chain Weapons
Hand Bind. Does ignore the attackers defense from armor but does not ignore celerity.

Combat Marksmanship
Rapid Fire Does not exist the martial arts only has 4 dots.

Philipino Martial Arts
Needs more review before approval. Please ask if you want it finished.

Ignores the limit of one maneuver. They may be stacked.

Staff Fighting
Temple Strike: Does not knock people unconscious who can't be knocked out with bashing, for example vampires. This can only be done with bashing weapons, no lethal weapons.
Dangerous Radius: Pull once and compare to each person's defense to determine if you hit and how much damage is done. This costs a willpower as mentioned in the errata.

More comming