A Look Behind the Curtain

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A Look Behind the Curtain

Postby Joshua » Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:19 pm

A few minor notes that the characters might never actually notice, but are not actual secrets of the game:

  • when Dworkin drew the pattern, it flung "pattern potential" into Shadow, which fused with random sentient stuff (The key here is sentient, not living). Dworkin is gathering those up. This will eventually fuse into "only those born of Amber can walk it".
  • Like calls to like: Amber (the city) is populated by beings similar to the PCs. So, if a troll PC shows up, trolls and troll-variations start appearing in Amber. If a dragon PC shows up, various dragons start arriving. If an elf shows up, various elves arrive. This is a trend, not a hard and fast rule, so it's hard to find in character.

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