Robin Sanford's Webpage

Welcome to the personal webpage of Robin Sanford, librarian. I received my masters degree at The University at Buffalo.

Below is a list of my courses in Library Science and links to assignments.

Courses I have completed:

  • LIS505 - Introduction to Library and Information Studies
  • LIS506 - Introduction to Information Technology
  • LIS518 - Reference Sources and Services
    • Pathfinder: Create a Pathfinder on a topic of personal interest
  • LIS519 - Selection, Acquisition, and Management of Non-Book Materials
    • Assignment: Write a review of a non-book item
    • LIS562 - Networking Technologies
    • LIS563 - Digital Libraries
      • The Karpeles Digital Manuscript Library was published here. UB has taken that site down and the new owners do not appear to have migrated the library to their servers yet.
    • LIS571 - Organization of Recorded Information
      • Assignment 2: Creating a cataloging system for my personal collection
    • LIS574 - Organization of Recorded Information 2
    • LIS580 - Intellectual Freedom: Access to Resources and Services
      • Assignment: Monitoring a talk show and recording persuasive techniques used
      • Assignment: Entering a search term which might be used by a child into 5 search engines
    • LIS583 - Public Libraries
    • LIS585 - Management of Libraries and Information Agencies
    • LIS598 - Directed Study (webmaster for the Library Student Journal)
      • Responsible for HTML coding and making PDFs of all articles for the peer-reviewed student journal