Miles McKinnon

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Miles McKinnon

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Miles is an employee of the Royal Guild of Public Works. His job carries him to all parts of the city from the light panels above to the sewers below. He has a reputation for being able to repair almost anything. He does odd jobs for other people around the neighborhood from time to time.

Miles lives at Feng-Huang's Feathers where he has an arrangement to pay for his room and board in exchange for installing and upgrading the electrical system and any other odds and ends that need doing. He eats with the staff out of sight of paying customers. He only goes to the gaming area on business. He has never been known to gamble there.

He has been known to defend innocent people from the more violent gangs. After he showed he was adept in using his tools as weapons as well the gangs started giving him respect.

He is a large man, about 6' 3” and stocky. He has brown hair and eyes, a moustache but no beard. He dresses like the working class man that he is. He tries to cover it, but to anyone who listens there is still a bit of the street in his speech.
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