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 Post subject: Possible God Game
PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:36 pm 
Missing Some Marbles

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Okay so here are my ideas:

1)Pick 2 classes primary and 1 secondary. the primary must be in keeping with your portfolio(I.E.. God of spells should be a primary caster, god of warlords should be a primary fighter type etc... commons sense rules here. Your secondary should be a result of your personality or a particular trial you are known for. Maybe your warlord is a mage killer and learned to be a magus.)
2)your avatar will have 10th level in your primary and 5th in your secondary.
3)As things advance you may eventually achieve a 3rd class(also secondary). Avatars are powerful, as such they are targets and typically surrounded by the less powerful.
4)you get the best stats, saves, BAB etc. Your secondary class only provides a feat every 4th level 1st, 5th , 9th etc...

1)You all start out as a lesser diety. Your portfolios get broader as your progress and thus become more powerful. an example might be god of:
Starting out some of you may choose to serve a greater diety with a portfolio that is part of their greater portfolio. This will give you partner of power, but limit possibilities of advancement unless you grow into an entirely new portfolio. That is hard to do as there is likely someone to displace. If you are evil you could simply try to take your greater diety's place.

2)come up with a portfolio. It should be one you can advance. how does one make spells important to everyone in subtle or less subtle ways and how do you get the credit? You will have some competition from NPC's with overlapping portfolios. Everyone gets priests and followers of power and these people provide you power with their worship, but it is also about numbers of people which means you need the common farmer, blacksmith, maid and king/queens alike.

Power Points:
1)Every god gets power points. these are the tangible representations of you power. You get 3 per level of diety automatically every 3 moths game time. How you use them will show you personality as a good. You can use them to increase personal power, help out your worshippers, or further your portfolio. Here is the list:

a)You can spend one power point per 6 months to have your avatar's primary class be a godling class. If you stop spending the points your class will revert to a different one. This will be chosen by the greater god of your Pantheon. this means I would make the choice of how this is done and i would be done using that god's personality. (I would not totally screw someone). Your secondary class can also be a godling class, but it requires your primary class to be one first and is double the cost. A good representation of someone like this would be Hercules. His trials are legendary, he had no priestly order. He ept all of his power to himself and used that to help people meaning he had to be there to help.

b)Once per 6 months you can spend one power point to continually grant your priests domains and spellcasting ability. If you do not spend it or cannot spend it your followers wlll not be priests or paladins. Note, if you have an allied god they can grant your followers spells for you and have it be in your name. However Divine law means this must be paid back either through granting miracles that could not be granted by their portfolios or some other method.( the group of us would discuss that)

c)once every 3 months you can spend 3 power points to create a major miracle based on our portfolio. (I.e a good of spells could inspire a well known wizard to invent a spell that will change the nature of low level spellcasting forever such as the invention of fireball, Make a 5 year old manifest a cantrip that will make an entire village pay for him to be apprenticed to a local wizard. This will come with a corresponding destiny. Such miracles are up to interpretation based on porfolio and personality.[they also help define godlike personality]) Entire pantheons can create world altering miracles. For instance when the Elven Pantheon helped the elves create evermeet. rules for this are still in the works and if you want to do one let me know and we will work it out. each such miracle involves a cost to the local world, population or pantheon and that heavily depends on the nature of the miracle.

d)1 power point every 3 months to name a high priest. They will always have hero stats, leadership of their own and an extra domain.They are NPC's and heavily influence our church. Being a high priest of a god is a very public position. Their actions are considered sanctioned by you and failing to pay the power point expenditure automatically takes away the status. The priesthood immediately knows with all of the political ramifications therein.

e)1 power point will cast the miracle spell. Your priesthood must come up with the cost of material components. Thus you can se your power points to cast miracles to give your avatar inherent bonuses to stats but your priesthood will realize that you are siphoning their work for your personal power and unless you rule by fear will expect something for your worshippers.

f)1 power point automatically and successfully geas' a level 10 adventurer for a quest appropriate to your portfolio.

g)1power point must be spent every 3 months to keep your avatar manifested on a particular world.

I have more to come if people are interested.

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