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Prismatic Pangolin

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The arcane students at SU are divided into two basic categories.

Upper level students are considered wizards-in-training; they get more individual tutoring, access to "graduate level" courses in things like thaumaturgy, summoning, etc. On the other hand, they're also expected to be able to teach some of the lower level courses, and generally held to slightly higher standards of competence.

Lower level students are everyone else; various mortal minor practitioners who want to learn more about magic than they could on their own. The lower level courses emphasize control, defense, and how to not get any of the major powers to step on you. (I.e. things like the laws of magic, the accords, faerie etiquette, etc.)

Current upper level students list:

-- David Thornberg: wizard, specializing in water evocations. Professor Aquilas' favored apprentice, due to the similarity in their magical styles.

-- Devin Whitecliff: wizard. Last scion of a long line of "noble" wizards; his father was executed by the wardens a few years ago. Fortunately, he had been considered too young to keep his mouth shut, and hadn't actually been brought in to any of his father's dabblings in black magic. Devin has little respect for mortal authority (or mortals in general), and dislikes and fears the wardens. (Technically, he's not under the Doom of Damocles, but Warden Filstin acts like he is. Considering that he's officially apprenticed to the Warden, this does not sit well with either party.) Every now and then he actually realizes he's being a jerk to people, and tries to correct it, but in general if you're not a wizard he's not likely to consider you worth his time to deign to notice.
aspects: "Noble" Lineage, Practiced Life Mage, The Wardens Killed My Father, Old Family Allies

-- Margery Tamlin: wizard. Also from a long line of wizards, Marge has always dreamed of being a Warden and helping to defend the innocent against supernatural threats. Unfortunately, her actual magical talents don't lend themselves to combat, and Warden Filstin regards her as more of a nuisance than a potential asset.
aspects: I Want To Be A Warden, Durandal Reforged, Echoes In The Wind, Neat And Precise

-- Inali Greysong: not a wizard. Got into the upper level courses on a request from her mother. Annoys the wizards by not frying electronics; annoys the non-wizards by being in upper level classes that they can't get in no matter how hard they might try; annoys the Warden by being the daughter of a "damn kitsune trickster".

Current lower level student list:

-- Stratosinia Malifent Snow: see winter changelings. She's got full unseelie magic, with a focus on ice and shadow effects, and an odd left-handed casting style that occasionally lets her slip past the defenses of even relatively experienced practitioners. Tends to sit at the back of the class and fade into the background; it frequently requires deliberate effort to notice if she's even present.

-- Emily Tann Ying: A young chinese girl who specializes in water magic. Oddly, despite her focus on water effects, her actual casting technique is very rigid and fragile; her spells tend to fail if she has to improvise at all. On the other hand, when she's using one of the effects she knows by rote, she's at least an even match for any of the wizards-in-training - but that lack of spontaneity, combined with the restricted scope of effects she can produce, keeps her from being considered for White Council membership. Aside from that she's a fairly stereotypical model student; studious and hard-working; the sort who gets straight A's by simple dint of spending hours studying every day.
aspects: By The Book (this is the aspect used to compel failures at improvised magic), Fifth Dan Martial Artist, Tann Zi-Lung's Chinese Take-Out (this is her father's business - it's local, and thus potentially relevant), Uncertain Depths

-- Peter Smith: Of russian descent, albeit with several generations in the US; family name was changed to Smith to minimize prejudice during the cold war. Peter's generally an upbeat happy-go-lucky kind of guy - and has the magic to back up that lifestyle. His specialty is entropomancy - magic involving luck and coincidence - though he focuses more on bringing good luck than bad. Warden Filstin doesn't like him anyway, though; entropomancy is, to the Warden's mind, too closely tied to curses and black magic.
aspects: It'll All Work Out, Chaos Is My Friend, Life Of The Party, I Won't Take Your Money (Peter views gambling as being legalized theft - and, for him, that's probably true.)

-- Jason Argyle: Technically a minor talent (or possibly a third or fourth generation scion of some sort) rather than a practitioner, Jason has an innate ability to slip into the nevernever - and, somehow, from the nevernever into people's dreams. If he was using spellcasting, that'd probably be a third law violation, but he's not, so it isn't - this doesn't mean the Warden likes him, though. For his part, Jason tends to avoid dreams (though he's got some contacts in the nevernever among both summer and winter fey) - he may be able to get into someone's dream, but once he's there the dreamer is in control and, as he points out, sharing someone's nightmares is downright dangerous (not to mention no fun at all).
aspects: Carpe Diem, Comic Book Expert, Friends In Strange Places

-- Vince Summers: A satyr changeling, originally raised by Aurora's court. He was ordered to enroll at SU specifically to counterbalance Stratosinia's attendance; a task he doesn't take very seriously. Nor does he take his coursework particularly seriously, for that matter - except for music classes. He's got seelie magic (though he's not very good at it), and glamours, and possibly some kind of mind-affecting musical powers.
aspects: A Party Every Weekend, A Tune To Dance To, Raised In The Summer Court, Everything In Jest

1x origamimancer
1x salamander scion (fire channeling)
1x rat-mancer (mostly summoning and control)
1x geomancer (magic via architecture and interior decoration)

-- Samantha Stone: no further details available at this time. (Or, see her character thread.)

And, yes, there will eventually be some further description for everyone on the lower level student listing. Just not right now.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:48 am 
Prismatic Pangolin

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Results of the September 18, 2009 red court attack:

Devin Whitecliff: Missing, presumed dead. No remains found.
Margery Tamlin: "Miraculously" survived with only minor injuries, despite being pretty close to ground zero.
Tina: Was in the library at the time; unhurt.
Emily: Lives at home with her father, and was off campus at the time of the attack.
Peter: Was off at a party being hosted by a friend of a friend; wasn't even aware of the attack until he tried to go home the next morning.
Jason: Deceased.
Vince: Critically injured, currently in the care of Lady Irra (the local summer court representative).

Arcane students who never even got names: 2/4 deceased.
The salamander scion survived, and has rapidly been moved from "Well, let's try to make his last few hours as painless as possible" to "Critically injured, but might recover" to "Uh, well, we're sorry, the first doctor must have mis-diagnosed your injuries, and you'll probably be out in a week..."
The origamimancer also survived, though she'll probably spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

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