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 Post subject: Inali Greysong
PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:39 pm 

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Inali Greysong, 19, seems at time to take an almost perverse joy in confusing people and defying attempts to classify her simply. Other college students occasionally take minors or odd courses at the other college, Inali dual-majors cross-college. She's majoring in Photography at SU and Computer Engineering at HMTI, with respective minors in Applied Mythology and Digital Design. She graduated from a local high school three years ago, two years early, and took a one-year trip to Japan to visit her mother's family before starting college. A lot of her friends joke her dual-major's the only reason she's not graduating equally early from college. Endlessly cheerful and insatiably curious, Inali has a knack for getting electronics to behave for her. Precisely how she manages to have as much free time as she does, outside of two majors' worth of courses in addition to constantly being called on to trouble-shoot fritzy systems, is unknown.


To most, Inali's skill with electronics is merely a knack, however impressive. To those "in the know" however, it's the most common manifestation of her magical nature. Descended from two separate magical bloodlines, Inali's magical nature is as complex as her publicly visible mundane one. Her father, Sean Greysong, is an archeologist and part-time professor at HMTI. He met Inali's mother, Tsuki, on one of his expeditions in the tropics of the Pacific. He'd fallen foul of a cursed artifact, designed to trap whoever triggered it forever in the form of a harmless bat, but the spell hadn't been designed with Sean's kind in mind. His Native American werefox heritage partially negated the spell, with the end result of him being nursed back to health by Tsuki, a tourist from Japan who also happened to be a kitsune, and the two of them falling in love. Tsuki emigrated to the US to live with Sean and became a professor at SU, teaching Japanese and Japanese cultural studies. Had her parents met before Sean was cursed, Inali might have only had fox-based forms... As it is, even those few who know of her shapeshifting abilities rarely see her outside of three forms - bat (the curse's effects inherited), fox/kitsune, and an anthropomorphic multi-tailed kitsune/fox form.

Father - Sean Greysong, Cherokee, archeologist and part-time professor at HMTI
Mother - Tsuki Greysong, Japanese, professor of Japanese and Japanese cultural studies at SU

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