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 Post subject: Arthen
PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:12 pm 
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Arthen is a small kingdom to the west (and south) of Catian. It occupies a single mountain valley, and most of its terrain is either forest or lake. Officially, this is Lake Lakiab - but everybody just calls it the lake.

The current king, Lord Ambrose Grithiff, rose to power nineteen years ago, after the "mysterious" deaths of the previous royal family. Since then he has been largely occupied with consolidating his power base, and has recently started building up the kingdom's army - perhaps in response to increasing aggression from Catian; perhaps simply to fuel his own dreams of conquest.

The kingdom is divided into seven provinces.

The central province (officially Lakiab province, or the royal province), contains the lake, its shoreline, and Castle Winterstone. It is ruled over directly by Lord Grithiff.

To the north and east is Frotzen province, which contains most of the farmland in Arthen. It is ruled over by Lord Esten. (Originally, this was Grithiff's province - but seven provinces is an auspicious number, so when he gained control of the royal province, he ceded control of Frotzen to his most loyal follower, rather than reduce the kingdom to a mere six provinces.)

To the far north, in a crescent around the kingdom's borders, is Cobalt province, ruled over by (surprise!) Sir Cobalt. This is probably the smallest province in terms of human population; comparatively harsh mountain weather and various natural menaces (most notably ogres) make it a place that most people prefer to avoid.
Even traders have little reason to come here; there are better routes to Catian than going north, and there's nobody else worth trading with to the north or west. Rumors place a dwarven citadel in the frozen wastes beyond Cobalt, but rumors also claim that they're none too happy to see outsiders.

Three provinces occupy the west side of the kingdom:
The northernmost, and smallest, one is Wupgup province. It is notorious as a haven for bandits and other criminals. Some rumors claim that lord Wupgup is in collusion with the bandit leaders, but most people agree that he's merely incompetent.
The next two are ruled by Lords Pietr and Inglemar - (locally) famous for their constant rivalry and occasional border skirmishes. The two provinces are nearly identical regions of forest fading into mountains on the western edge of Arthen; the main point of contention between them is a single silver mine located on the border of their territories.

The southern section of Arthen is ruled by Lady Cuper. Though this region is devoid of significant natural resources, its control of trade to the south renders it one of (if not the) richest province.

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