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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 8:12 pm 
Prismatic Pangolin

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The Aboleth are a vile deity. Nobody is quite sure what they're working towards - destroying the world, or conquering the world, or perhaps just making everyone else miserable. Fortunately, for all their power, they rarely choose to manifest energies beyond what an "individual" aboleth can hold. A weak tool breaks and is replaced. Still, break too many of their "tools", and they will retaliate.

Were-spiders, or close enough. Just use the rules for lycanthropes.

I like arrowhawks.

The weakest type of harvester demon, Barghests are a relatively new creation - just within the past thousand years or so.

Just one of those things that exists. Their deity was slain by Bahamut, but has since risen as undead - a state that pleases nobody, except maybe Atrus.

Blink Dog:
It is commonly believed that blink dogs have celestial origins, albeit much diluted.

Are plains creatures, not forest creatures as the MM claims.

Chaos Beast:
A demonic weapon deployed to terrible effect during the cataclysm that ended the third age. Quite rare in modern times, however.

But one of many possible variations on the wizard created creature theme.

3.0 haste? No. Chokers do not exist. Some types of demon might be superficially similar, however.

A fairly ordinary celestial, if a bit on the more powerful side of such things.

Demons & Devils:
Pretty much all are going to be re-written. Types vary by which demon lord they follow. Some commonalities exist, however. For example, most demon lords make some type of disposable foot soldier, some type of temptation based harvester (succubus type demon), a few varieties of elite soldiers and commanders, and at least one type of massive demonic siege engine type critter.

I like Destrachan. I'm not sure why. Like most aberrations in this setting, they're a corrupted form of some long lost base creature. The mere existance of the Titans does that sort of thing.

One of Atrus' earlier creations, since copied by a few other vile deities and even some mortal necromancers.

Displacer Beast:
Once just a (comparatively) minor underdark hunter, reports of these creatures working in groups and equipped with magical gear have become worryingly common.

Possible demonic origins, though nobody is really sure. Fortunately rare.

Dragon Turtle:
A Dragon Turtle named Irl'yukther'akar is one of the world's leading experts on the events of the third age. While he wasn't paying much attention at the time, he was alive back then - which is more than most can claim. His remarkable longevity is due to an extended period of time spent petrified.

See Chimera.

See demon.

Doesn't exist. Silly ant-people.

Giants are rare, and tend to be confined to odd little corners of the world. For the most part, they ignore and are ignored by everyone else.

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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 1:01 pm 
Prismatic Pangolin

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Remain a quintessential pest, and common foe for low level adventurers.

There is no single fixed "half-dragon" or "half-celestial" type template - the exact statistics adjustments of such a hybrid depends the exact races of the parents; and even then variations are possible. Half-celestial/fiendish variants are particularly mutable, as these can be applied to an existing being by a deity, and are thus often crafted specifically for the individual in question.

While some celestials or demons might have construct-like features, the concept of inevitables really just doesn't apply to this setting.

While High Kobolds are a tolerated part of society, the traditional (or "low") kobold still exists, and are just as much of a nuisance as ever.

While this term technically is limited to werewolves, common usage includes any form of were-creature. There are two types of weres: natural weres (much more common), and cursed weres. The curse-fueled ones are notably harder to kill, and are capable of spreading their curse with a bite. (Whereas natural lycanthropy cannot be inflicted on someone who wasn't born with it - at least, not without powerful magic.)
However, the popular image portrays most weres as being cursed - perhaps because cursed weres are the ones most likely to wander around killing people and drawing attention to themselves.

Believed to have originally been a form of demon, since watered down by interbreeding with regular humanoid stock.

Comes in greater variety than merely fish-tailed; a number of forms of cetacean based merfolk also exist, and there are occasional tales of lobster tails and other stranger variations deep beneath the ocean.
According to myth, merfolk were originally humans that made a deal with some long-dead god of the sea, trading their ability to walk on land for the freedom of the ocean. Merfolk are perfectly comfortable in both fresh and salt water.

While these abominations are quite secretive about their locations and short-term (next few thousand years) plans, they are open about their long term goal: conquest of the universe. On the plus side, this means that they fight against titansworn just as viciously as they'll deal with anyone else. An enemy of your enemy, however, is in this case also your enemy.

See Yuan-ti.

A common relatively general purpose demon, with only minimal ties to the actual plane of dreams.

These are native to the plane of dreams.

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PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2007 2:10 pm 
Prismatic Pangolin

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Rust Monster:
Extremely rare, but usually much more powerful than the five hit dice critter described in the book. Most often found as a wizard's pet or guardian.

Your basic undead minion. Some necromancers have gotten more creative with these, though, patching together bones from multiple creatures, or binding a more powerful undead spirit to such a physical form.

Salads are a food category, not a type of monster.

A generic category of creatures distinguished by a base feline form, a non-feline head, intelligence, and some degree of innate magic. Within these bounds, the race (or races?) vary immensely. Sphinxes are a type of fey, though most favor physical prowess over trickery or magic.

"The" Tarrasque:
A manifestation of the power of the Titans. Even when one tarrasque is permanently put to rest, another will form within a thousand years. Typically, the tarrasque is not a concern for adventurers; the gods usually intervene and destroy it as soon as they notice its recurrance. Exceptions only occur if multiple deities actually want its rampage to continue.

The creature described as a titan in the monster manual has no bearing on the Titans of this setting. And probably doesn't even exist, come to think of it.

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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 4:03 pm 
Prismatic Pangolin

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Unicorns are immortal, or close enough that nobody has been able to tell for sure. However, this means their birth rates are astronomically low, and their population still has not recovered from the cataclysm that ended the third age. As a result of this, modern unicorns are typically much more self-centered and survival oriented than the selfless heroes of legend. It is also well established that the whole thing about virgins was made up by a particularly ambitious bard a few centuries ago.

Most vampires have far fewer vulnerabilities than the D&D standard. They also may have slightly different power sets, depending on their origins. Even the strongest of vampires can, however, be destroyed by being exposed to direct, nonmagical, sunlight, while they are at zero or fewer hit points.

A general term for the descendants of a particular serpentine vile deity. Yuan-Ti vary from full demons (nagas and the like), down to only marginally tainted humanoids that can easily pass for normal human/elf/whatever. It is also often used as a generic term for any snake/humanoid combination, even if the creature in question happens to be something like a Lillend (a type of celestial); though those more knowledgeable in such matters try to avoid improper usage.

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