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 Post subject: Base Races
PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 3:57 pm 
Prismatic Pangolin

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As PHB. Humans are powerful enough as is; I don't need to make any changes. In terms of setting, humans are overall the dominant race - though there are certainly parts of the world where that's not true.

Gain the ability to attempt a second save against petrification effects - if a dwarf fails their first save, they may make a second save one round later to try and break free.
Dwarves are particularly known for their craftsmanship and industry.

Gain fire resist 5.

Gain fire resist 3, and door-dar (the elven ability to find secret passages without actively searching for them).

gain acid resist 5, and do not take a -2 penalty to charisma. However, they do have a -2 penalty on social interactions when appropriate (for example, a half-orc will usually have this penalty on diplomacy checks, but usually will not have it on intimidate checks).

Gnomes and Halflings are being removed for no particularly good reason.

High Kobolds
small humanoid (reptilian), base speed 20', +2 int, -2 str, electricity resist 5, 60' darkvision, bite for 1d4 (secondary natural weapon with 0' reach), favored class is wizard. Automatic language is draconic; bonus languages are common, dwarven, ignan, terran, goblin, giant.
High kobolds craftsmanship is generally considered to be on par with dwarven craftsmanship. However, they tend to keep their best work to themselves - which does not help their overall popularity.
(edit) While High Kobolds make excellent wizards, it's been pointed out that they really aren't good at anything else. So I'm planning on giving them a weak sequence of spell-like abilities - something that doesn't really help a wizard, but adds to the flexibility of other class options.

Ailuris (red panda anthro)
small humanoid, base speed 20', +2dex, -2str, low light vision, +3 on saving throws vs. confusion/insanity, +2 climb & jump & move silently, may choose to deal slashing damage with unarmed attacks. An Ailuris who does nothing but move in a round may drop to all fours, increasing its base speed to 30' - this ability is not usable in medium or heavy armor, when carrying a medium or heavy load, or when the ailuris is holding anything in its hands. Favored class is rogue. Automatic languages are common and Ailuris sign language; bonus languages are elven, terran, gnoll, and sylvan.

medium size dragon, base speed 30, 60' darkvision, low light vision, +4 racial bonus on saves against fear effects, endurance as a bonus feat, 1d4 claws (treat as if duel wielding - must spend at least half an hour per day sharpening claws for them to be usable as weapons), 1d6 bite as a natural secondary weapon with 0' reach, +1 natural armor, -2 penalty on social skill checks with humanoid races (almost always applies). Favored class is sorcerer. Automatic languages are common and draconic; bonus languages are dwarven, elven, orc, gnoll, goblin, giant.
Chromatikin are considered second class citizens at best, slaves or just plain worthless at worst. Most chromatikin adventurers either travel with non-chromatikin friends, make use of disguise magic, or are so high level that an angry mob simply isn't a threat.

Hrassa (catfolk)
medium size humanoid, base speed 30', low light vision, +2 con, -2 wis, +2 on saves against poison, claws and bite as Chromatikin (except 1d4 bite), +1 to hide & move silently & jump & climb & balance, +2 to listen & spot. Favored class is scout. Automatic languages are common and sylvan. Bonus languages are elven, draconic, gnoll, celestial, and infernal.
The Hrassa come from an ancient and honorable (and fairly insular) jungle empire, now (mostly) fallen to infighting. In recent years, they've been leaving that empire in increasing numbers - many of these refugees are captured by slavers, but some make it past and find some place to restart their lives.

Feat: Scythe Claws. Prerequisite: Chromatikin or Hrassa, base attack +1. You have learned combat and sharpening techniques that make your claws particularly deadly. Treat them as weapons dealing 1d6 damage, with a critical multiplier of x3. However, in order to maintain the effect, you must spend twice as much time sharpening your claws.

Note: natural weapons may be directly enchanted at the normal cost (per each natural weapon). In addition to the obvious effects, this will magically maintain sharpness on the claws of a chromatikin or hrassa.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:53 pm 
Prismatic Pangolin

Joined: Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:50 pm
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Further description of Chromatikin, because they need it:

By and large, chromatikin are a highly varied race, but there are some constants:
• Basic humanoid form and size.
• Digitigrade legs.
• Tail.
• Scales.
• Draconic head (though this is not necessarily limited to one of the standard seven types of dragons).
• Blunted claws, unless the individual in question actually takes the time to keep them sharpened.
• Oviparous (egg-laying). Yes, this means that female chromatikin do not have breasts. There are still definite differences between the two genders, primarily in the shape of the body, but such dimorphisms are subtle by human standards, and often overlooked by other races.

Non-constant features include:
• Feet. Typically three toes with a dew claw, but four toes and / or minus the dewclaw is also relatively common. Some rare individuals actually have something akin to a thumb on their feet.
• Type of scales. Typical is a smooth, snake-like skin, but these can vary from pangolin-like, all the way down to tiny shark-skin-like scales, occasionally all on a single individual.
• Neck. Roughly 50/50 split between a short human-like neck and a longer curving neck that more closely matches draconic physiology.
• Hands. Usually four fingers and a thumb, but three fingers isn't uncommon.
• Color. Roughly a 40/40/20 split between single color, two color, and lots of colors. Even on a single color chromatikin, there are usually variations in shade. Black, even on a single scale, is very unusual. White never shows up on living chromatikin, though near-white, especially on the chest and bottom of the tail, is reasonably common.
• Tail. Both length and style (thick and muscled or thin and whip-like; round or flattened or crocodile-like, etc.) vary. Chromatikin tails are never truly prehensile, though they can (depending on length and structure) achieve crude manipulation (on the order of what a human's legs are capable of).

 Post subject: Re: Base Races
PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:07 am 
Prismatic Pangolin

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Ok, I give up. Note to self: Never give a race a long and annoying name, such as "chromatikin", without also specifying at least one common nickname, abbreviation, or suchlike. As of right now the term 'drak is now interchangeable with chromatikin.

 Post subject: Re: Base Races
PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:44 am 

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Since the chromatikin are treated as dirt, you likely have a derogatory nickname for them that most of the races use, and a relatively positive one that they use for themselves. 'drak (Pronounced drack, not drake) says "Chromatikin scum" rather well. They might refer to themselves as "kin" because they know what they're related to, and it implies a higher purpose to their lives as well as a way of reminding themselves they have worth and are related to something bigger then their tormentors.

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