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 Post subject: Ryan Thomas
PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:32 pm 
Sane. VERY Sane.

Joined: Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:32 pm
Posts: 610
High Concept: Technological "Wizard"
Trouble: "That Raccoon Isn't Mine!"

Where Did You Come From? Mechanical Savant
Ryan grew up in the suburbs of San Jose and is one of the first generation to grow up in the reactor's presence. His father, Aaron, works in the R&D department of an electric car company near HTMI. His mother, Mary, works as a branch manager at a bank downtown. He was a precocious child, often running around the house or neighborhood with a screwdriver at the ready.

What Shaped You? Fusion Powered
Many people use High School as an opportunity to grow, find life-long friends, and learn how to deal with everything from love to ridicule. Ryan used it as an opportunity to start bigger and better projects, often using (or abusing) the large amounts of power available from the fusion reactor. He's made a bit of a name for himself by winning several robotics competitions and building a full size exoskeleton as his senior project. He's also started being followed around by a raccoon, which appears to do little but irritate him.

What Was Your First Adventure? Drawn Into The Middle of Things
"Uncommon Cold" starring Ryan Tomas
Ryan was staying after school one night when the A/C seemed to go on the fritz. Wanting to help out and test his project, he got into his exoskeleton to climb up to the roof units. Unfortunately, "his" raccoon stole his toolbox and led him through the halls in a merry chase leading to a troll hunting a group of changelings. None of his studies prepared him for this...
Guest Starring: Inali, Sam Stone

Guest Star: "I can fix that."
"Great Hockey Conspiracy" starring Matthew
Ryan gets by Sam to help overcome some technological barriers keeping her and Matthew's investigation of cheating during hockey games. Once they get to the center of the problem, Ryan helps remove a mystic artifact from the bowels of the rink machinery.

Guest Star Redux: Grew Up Right Here
INSERT-NAME-HERE starring David
Ryan gets asked by a pair of school reporters to lead them into the forest to help look into rumors of beasts wondering around the blast zone.

Postscript: (Copy-pasta'd from old)
Last year, Ryan graduated near the top of his class and is now attending HMTI. His minor is mechanical engineering (which several electrical courses mixed in), but his major appears to be nuclear physics. He doesn't seem to have the same instinctual grasp of his new field of study, but is working diligently to achieve the same success.

Outside of academics, Ryan is a bit withdrawn. He is most in his element at engineering club meetings, where he appears to have convinced them to help make a Mark II exoskeleton, parts of which are currently taking up large sections of their club space. He's been seen around campus working on and experimenting with a small robot about a foot in height connected to a custom-made glove controller.

Mostly a model student, he appears to have gotten in trouble due to a complaint that he brought a pet raccoon to campus. Ryan fervently denies that the creature is his, but it appears to be a recurring source of friction between him and his roommate.

Ryan has an occasional interest in magic and brings a sketchbook to see any shows he can. He quickly loses interest once he's worked out the trick and sketched out a design for the needed mechanisms.

 Post subject: Re: Ryan Thomas
PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:12 am 
Sane. VERY Sane.

Joined: Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:32 pm
Posts: 610
High Concept: Technological "Wizard"
Trouble: Asked Raccoon for Help
Other Aspects: Engaged to Kate; Fusion Powered; Drawn Into The Middle of Things; Project Matchstick; Grew Up Right Here

  • Alertness: Fair (+2)
    Athletics: Good (+3)
    Conviction: Good (+3)
    Craftsmanship: Superb (+5)
    Discipline: Great (+4)
    Driving: Average (+1)
    Empathy: Average (+1)
    Endurance: Good (+3)
    Fists: Fair (+2)
    Guns: Average (+1)
    Lore: Fair (+2)
    Presence: Average (+1)
    Rapport: Average (+1)
    Resources: Fair (+2)
    Scholarship: Great (+4)
  • High Quality Workspace (Resources): Workspace quality is Resources
  • Spirit Medium [-1]
    Hypertech [-2]
    Sponsored Magic Fusion Phoenix [-3]
    • fire, rebirth, healing, more fire, change
Hypertech Items
  • Exoskeleton Legs (+5 Athletics bonus for carrying/running)
  • Power Fist (Weapon:5, 3/session, Steel, aim with Fists)
  • Random Item ("Potion")
Focus Items
  • Golden Quill (+1 Lore for Crafting)
  • Copper Bracelet (+1 Discipline for Defense)
Total Refresh: 3

 Post subject: Re: Ryan Thomas
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:30 pm 
Sane. VERY Sane.

Joined: Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:32 pm
Posts: 610
For those wondering about exoskeletons... ... aster-and/

My backpack is like that without the arms and helmet.

 Post subject: Aspect Change
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:20 pm 
Sane. VERY Sane.

Joined: Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:32 pm
Posts: 610
"I can fix that." got replaced with Project Matchstick due to Ryan's increasing involvement with the federal research project and the duplication with the Mechanical Savant aspect.

"That Racoon Isn't Mine!" got replaced with Asked Raccoon for Help, since the raccoon is now, in fact, his. (Or vice versa. Something like.)

Mechanical Savant replaced with Engaged to Kate due to in-game events, overlap with Technological "Wizard", and Ryan's increased levels of socialization.

 Post subject: Re: Ryan Thomas
PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:52 pm 
Sane. VERY Sane.

Joined: Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:32 pm
Posts: 610
Power Armor (Under Construction) (-2):
  • Item of Power (+2)
  • The Catch (+3) (Anything that bypasses armor, environmental effects, etc)
  • Supernatural Toughness (-4)
  • Inhuman Strength (-2)
  • Claws (-1)
Accessories (Items):
  • Jump pack (Wings, several rounds)
  • Fusion "bomb" launcher: (Weapon: 3, area of effect, 3/session)
  • "Potion"

 Post subject: Re: Ryan Thomas
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:17 am 
Prismatic Pangolin

Joined: Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:50 pm
Posts: 2283
Kate (aka, Katelyn Joan Olsen)

Kate doesn't get compared much to a horse anymore; she's still got a long-legged-y build, but she's filled out a good bit - the protective layers of fat of a lutear (otter-bear) have settled mostly around her hips and chest, resulting in her picking up some fairly serious curves. She still won't win any sort of traditional beauty contest - there's far too much of her for that - but between her new figure and some, ah, feline sensuality, she does generate rather more cat-calls than she used to. (And the occasional comment from guys at, say, a high school reunion of: "Woah, if I'd known she'd turn out like that...")

Her eyes have gone from vibrant red to brilliant green; while the new color is "natural", people who aren't clued in tend to think she just picked out a different shade of cosmetic contacts.
The fangs are gone, though. ...Well, mostly; every now and then when she loses her temper and starts snarling...

Kate still has the same dusky mulatto skin & black hair, though her skin color is overall maybe a bit darker in subtle patches... unless you happen to be Ryan, in which case her new tiger stripes are actually quite easy to pick out when she's naked. (Kate would totally be picking up a sex appeal stunt now, except for one little detail: the only guy she's interested in seducing is Ryan, and she doesn't need the stunt for that.)

High Concept: Tiger & Lutear's Avatar
Trouble: Unbridled Nature
Kate still has self-control issues, though there's a bit less murderous temper and a bit more playful prankster to her now.
Other Aspects: Smarter Than She Looks, You And What Army?, Engaged To A Mad Engineer, I Hear Whalesong

+5: athletics
+4: fists, alertness
+3: endurance, intimidation, presence, might
+2: empathy, rapport, scholarship, craftsmanship
+1: weapons, conviction, lore, investigation, stealth

Powers & Stunts:
-2 inhuman speed
-2 inhuman strength
-2 inhuman toughness
+1 catch (poison)
-1 echoes of the beast (just all-around improved senses, low light vision, & ability to talk to cats, otters & otter-bears, and, oddly, cetaceans)
-1 aquatic (though technically she can't breathe underwater... but being able to hold your breath for 15 minutes at a time is usually enough)
-1 armed arts (knife-fighting & thrown weapons)

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