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 Post subject: Erik Maxim
PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2011 11:00 am 
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Erik Maxim, A.K.A.: The Tower, A.K.A.: The Sword of Damocles

High Concept: Lost Scion of Eris
Trouble: Double-Edged Sword

Where Did You Come From?: One Shot in a Million
Lester (as he was known then) grew up in the 70s with a small time criminal father who worked for the mob. When Lester was 10, his father decided to get out of the life. The inevitable assassin showed up with an apprentice for whatever reason. While the assassin killed his father, the apprentice attempted to kill Lester. Only, a long barbecue fork had been left out from cooking two days prior, and a spill that morning left a slick spot on the kitchen floor, and the first wound Lester received knocked him into the kitchen table which knocked a salt shaker onto the floor. The assistant tripped, slipped, hit his head on the table, then fell back onto the fork tines which slipped just to the side of his spine, through his brain and out one of his eyes. Rather then kill Lester, the assassin decided to take a new apprentice.
Aspect: Dangerous in Thought, Action and Deed (to Allies, Enemies and Innocents)

What Shaped You? The Tower
Many mob bosses laughed at the idea of a 14 year old assassin. But it was 1982 and stranger things were happening. Besides, no one laughed at his results. He could sneak swords in anywhere. He attacked without mercy, and bullets refused to injure him. his skill caught the attention of many, and over the course of his teen years he worked for the Winter Court, the Red Court, the Mob, and some darker things.
Aspect: Dark Friends from Dark Times

What Was Your First Adventure?: Virtues of the Father
Twenty years of killing had forged Erik into a keen sword, capable of killing even supernatural opponents. His blades called to other weapons, and guns had a tendency to misfire when aimed at him. He didn't ask about his past, but fate had other plans. Erik had never questioned why his father had been targeted for assassination. Sometime early in the new millenium, Erik's mentor realized Erik has surpassed him. To hurt Erik, the mentor explained that Erik's father was a traitor who was about to go to the Feds in exchange for amnesty. Erik did some research and realized that his father had not arranged for amnesty for himself, only for Erik. In response, Erik killed his mentor and the mob boss who ordered the hit.
Aspect: Sword of Damocles
Guest Starring: Any volunteers?

Guest Star: Road Blocks to Redemption
What followed was a period of reflection. Erik learned about his mother, and Refined his channeling into Evocation. Still, no matter where he went he was denied acceptance. He could not wash the blood from his hands so simply. He was born of Discord, and choosing to be human was not that simple.
Aspect: Outsider
Guest Starring: Any volunteers?

Guest Star Redux: First Choice Job
In Maine (I think it was Maine), Erik was approached by a member of the Red Court about killing an innocent member of the White Council. He turned them down, but something in the description of the target made him look into the matter. He met Sam, and worked with her to stop the second choice assassin.
Aspect: More than a Sword
Guest Starring: Sam

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