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 Post subject: Matta (Matthew) Amiri
PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:48 pm 
Needs a Guide

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This character sheet is somewhat boring. Maybe it will be less boring at some point.

Name: Matta (Matthew) Amiri (He prefers Matthew)

High Concept: "Ashyaru on the scene here, reporting on a mash-up that will occur in 5…4…3…2…1"
Trouble: “What do you mean we can’t publish this?”

A fairly uninteresting graduate civil engineering student at HMTI.
Runs the Psychic Cleaners Business. They show up before they are needed.
He's also a sports reporter for HMTI.

Background: High School Sports Star.
Notes: is of Middle Eastern descent, speaks at least two Persian dialects fairly fluently. 6’2 203 lbs.

Rising Conflict:
Disgraced CIA Agent.

Matthew was an intelligence agent with the CIA undercover as a reporter. Somehow, he got pinned down in a cave with friendly troops against terrorist ghouls. Being the only “noncombatant” of the group (Though he has some special ops training, this wouldn't be known to the infantry) he was assigned to explore the cave to look for a second exit. After filing a “nonsensical” report, he was removed from active duty.

"First" Adventure:
Aspect: Dedicated Sports Reporter.

Both the winter and summer courts are the fixing the HTMI team's hockey games in opposite directions (Summer with strength of schedule, winter by crude magical cheating.) A search commences under the Hockey rink the artifact that is powering the Winter Court’s game fixing. He knows it is somewhere in the bowels of the athletic facility, but he would need hacking knowledge to narrow his search. Sam is recruited, because of her general stealthiness, and suggests Ryan as an expert in technology. Sam helps the others sneak into the bowels of the sports complex, where they find magical artifact hidden in one of the Zambonis. Ryan figures out how to remove the artifact without damaging the machine, and Matthew gets his scoop.

Other aspects as i wait for people to post adventure writeups that i can steal:
Need to Know (Inali’s Adventure)
Outdated Magic Encyclopedia (David’s Adventure)

Matthew(Mike), Brian (Benabik), Sam(Robin)

All Aspects:
High Concept: "Ashyaru on the scene here, reporting on a mash-up that will occur in 5…4…3…2…1" (Pyschic Reporter but the quote sounds cooler)
Trouble: Must get the scoop
High School Sports Star.
Disgraced CIA Agent.
Dedicated Sports Reporter.
Need to Know
Outdated Magic Encyclopedia

+5 Conviction, Athletics
+4 Investigation Discipline
+3 Burglary, Weapons
+2 Lore, Rapport, Resources, Endurance
+1 Presence, Scholarship, Craftsmanship, Empathy, Stealth, Contacts

My office at the newspaper:

This office is a dimly lit room in the corner of the newspaper’s headquarters. As the overhead light is usually off, so the lights from the computer provide most of the lighting. Although some hastily piled video equipment litters one corner of the office, the rest of the office is fairly clean, if mostly empty, other than the requisite file cabinets that are in any newspaper office. A pile of papers is strewn about the left side of the desk, but there seems to be some semblance of order to them. Other than that, however, this is your ordinary no-frills office space.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:26 pm 
Prismatic Pangolin

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Name: Ashyaru

A relatively short (5'5") woman with olive skin, shoulder-length straight black hair, and dusky violet eyes. She has a number of rust-red tattoo-like markings. Her build is stunningly beautiful - by ancient sumerian standards. By modern standards, though, the best she can manage is exotically pretty; she's too heavily built (160lbs, most of it muscle) to do well in a fashion contest. When she moves, though, she's sinuous, lithe, and poised; there's a certain degree of what one might call animal magnetism there - but there are also danger signs, for those who know how to look for them. Ashyaru moves like a snake; those who have worked with predators, whether animal or human, are likely to recognize the implied threat in her presence or attention. (Anyone else will simply tend to find themselves unaccountably nervous about her.)

Ashyaru's true form is a roughly 25' long (and ~500lb) snake daemon. Her head and tail are serpentine, but her torso and arms match her human form, and are normally held at about the same height off the ground. Her scales are a dark, almost metallic grey, and her fangs are black iron. She has a cobra-like hood, on the back of which is (in the same rust red as the rest of her markings) her sigil: a winged circle with an infinity symbol in it. (The mark is there in human form, too, but that puts in on the back of her neck where it's usually hidden by hair.)

High Concept: Ancient Sumerian Earth Daemoness
Trouble: Modern Technology Is Sufficiently Advanced
Other Aspects: An Eye For An Eye, Truly Ancient Magic, Why Is Everyone Taller Than Me?

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