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 Post subject: Terrus Ragefeather
PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:03 pm 
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Name: Lord Terrus Brantleburg*, also known as Terrus Ragefeather, or the Oracle of Brantleburg
Race: Human
Gender: Male

A relatively ordinary looking man with brown hair and bright green eyes. Well, sometimes.
And sometimes he takes on the form of a Gryphon, the heraldic (read: totally invented) symbol of Brantleburg. Superficially similar to a griffin, the Gryphon lacks wings, but possesses a long, whip-like serpentine tail, as well as a petrifying bite. This is the form that Terrus uses for combat, and the source of his sobriquet "ragefeather".

In human form he favors light clothing in black and brown and white, patterned to match the markings of a Gryphon. In Gryphon form he wears a lightweight harness set with numerous pouches and pockets, and a few choice sections of polished mithril barding if he's heading into battle. In either form he wears the silver (set with a single green cat's-eye gem) coronet of his office as ruler of Brantleburg.

Str: 18 (human) / 32 (gryphon)
Dex: 20
Con: 15 (human) / 23 (gryphon)
Int: 17
Wis: 21
Cha: 22

Terrus' abilities as an oracle are often scoffed at by those who don't know the full story. After all, what use is an oracle who's only ever made one correct prediction? The truth is that all he's ever foreseen are nightmares and disasters (and, perhaps fortunately for his sanity, relatively few of those), and he's spent much of his life working to prevent those visions from becoming reality. His one failure was when he was eight - his uncle murdered his parents to take over the throne of Brantleburg, and the best that Terrus could manage at the time was to save himself by fleeing into the mountains that surround his kingdom.

Now, a bit over a decade later, he's recovered control of his tiny kingdom - and proven to be a reasonably competent ruler. The treacherous uncle remains as a stone head set on a pike just outside the city's main entrance.

Terrus is also known to be a competent spellcaster; while his personal combat tactics largely involve melee combat in Gryphon form, he made effective use of his magical abilities in manipulating larger scale battles while he was fighting against his uncle. Most notable were several weather control spells that he used to bypass what would otherwise have been the largest (and most lethal) battles in his fight to recover his throne.

* In case you missed the memo, Brantleburg is a very small kingdom (arguably just a city-state) to the north-east of Catian. Its primary export is crafted goods, often including minor magical items; its location results in long cold winters where there's not much to do but sit inside and make things.

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