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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:34 pm 
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So, book two starts off with a bit of a time skip relative to the end of book one. This thread is for discussing what happens during that time skip. Or, at least, what happens that the PCs in general would be aware of; if you want to wander off and do something sneaky and not post it here, feel free to let me know. Oh, and we can also assume that PCs have, during this time span, reached EL 23.

Item the first: I'm not going to specify just how long of a time skip it is. Months at minimum; single digit years at maximum. You may assume whatever time span (within that range) is most convenient to your character's plans. If it ever comes up in game that time hasn't quite synced up right, I'm going to claim it's a "minor" side effect of:

Item the second: Two events of note have occurred within the infernal realms, at the start of this time skip: Kerberos vanished, leaving Gjear in an indefensible position. And Nathrezell vanished (though his servants still defend his home base quite effectively) leaving a major power vacuum.
The result is all out war. In some ways this is good for the material world - the demon lords are quite busy fighting each other, and not so focused on, say, taking out annoying adventurers. In some ways it's bad, though - all out war means destruction of resources, which in turn means that harvester class demons (particularly barghests, often on loan to demon lords other than Vulf) are being deployed in increasing numbers. Not to mention a few conflicts have simply spilled over into the material world in places where different demon lords had relatively well known real world bastions.

3: The Tavinoy Empire has switched to a slightly more defensive stance; persistent rumors claim that they misplaced one of their airships. It remains to be seen if this is an actual change in policy, or merely them preparing a larger-than-normal offensive. There are also some hints that they've had to shift extra troops to their eastern border - apparently they've run into something in the wilds that disagrees with them...

4: Several countries around the Arkwood, acting on popular paranoia and rumors of a "dangerous" city-state of rogue chromatikin, sent their armies to invade the woods. They found evidence that such a city had existed, but had also been recently evacuated via magic. Then the forest ate about two thirds of their forces. The generals in charge consider the campaign to have been a rousing success.

5: Queen Malika, of Targrove, has officially stepped down from power, in favor of her son, Dorian. Who, much to everyone's surprise, has apparently actually been off training as a wizard. So far, nobody has had the guts to challenge his power directly; after all, while Malika may have "officially" retired, she's certainly still around...

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