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Deciduon, also known as Evergreen, is a realm of fog-bound trees. Or, well, that's what it is these days, at ground level. Above the treetops, a perpetual storm rages, though ancient legends tell of a time when the sky was clear and the ground shone green with light reflecting through the leaves.

A few lost tribes eke out a meager existence among the grey and dreary trunks, living off what few fruits grow in the realm's perpetual twilight. But most of what could be called "civilization" is centered around the city of Balcone, itself built around the ancient Temple of Wind - a massive weather control machine that keeps the sky clear to a distance of a few miles. Most of the immediate area has been cleared of trees and is used for farming; the city proper doesn't start until the clearing's edge, where dark gas-lamped streets decay into slums and then forest as you continue out from the center.

Of course, such (comparative) riches attract more than their fair share of scavengers and predators; Balcone is under nearly constant attack by raiders - occasionally armed with weapons left over from the Great War. Some of the more affluent inhabitants will quip that the outer regions of the city are just raiders who decided to stay instead of retreating back into the forest - and there is some degree of truth to this claim.

The signature weapon of the city's defenders are lightning cannons - powered by lightning caught from the perpetual storm. The clear air above Balcone allows some small flying machines to be safely launched above the clouds, where they carry special energy traps to harness the power of the storm below them.
Originally these flying machines were used solely to gather power to run the Wind Temple itself, but several improvements in energy trap design allow the inhabitants of Balcone enough extra power to defend themselves - or sell to the occasional traders from other realms.

It is worth noting that the wilds of Deciduon, while dangerous, are not as dangerous as, say, Eleghost. Actual Shadows (with a capital S) are quite rare, and most monsters are within the range of what a competent and prepared warrior (or spark) can deal with. Of course, the potential rewards aren't quite as rich as Eleghost, either, but there are certainly some remnants of golden age technology just waiting to be found...

It is also worth noting that, for a realm that's not part of the core, inter-realm trade is relatively common. This is one of the places that the Nexus occasionally allows traders to open a portal to, and there are rumors that it's next in line for permanent connection to the core. From the point of view of the locals in Balcone, such an event could not possibly come soon enough.

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