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This is to go with the fighter, so the same sorts of general notes apply. Assume gameplay normally starts at level 3. Assume this is meant to be on par with a heavily prestige-classed build.
Also, this is built as a caster class, not the warpriest that is a normal D&D cleric. If you want a warpriest, multiclass. I also intend to make paladin be built as a fighter-cleric prestige class.
Two abbreviations I use: CL is caster level. PL is preparation level - essentially, this is CL that comes from class levels only. PL is used to determine spells per day, known spells, etc. CL is used to determine the power, and in some cases effects, of your spells when you cast them.

1/2 base attack, d6 hit die, 4+ skill points, good will save (bad fort & reflex)
proficiency with some simple weapons, no armor

spellcasting will be wisdom based. Spells per day will go as the cleric list, though with the one domain spell just added in as a general purpose spell slot. Prepared spells will be a smaller number, probably capping at about three per spell level (maybe more at the lowest levels, maybe less at the highest levels), and function like sorcerer known spells. If you want to cast something you don't have prepared, add fifteen minutes of prayer to the cast time.

1 energy pool, rapid heal
2 first domain
3 reactive heal, holy wrath
4 sanctified aura
5 second domain
6 positive & negative energy resist 5 (can be voluntarily lowered to, say, allow healing spells through unimpeded)
7 improved holy wrath
8 primary domain lesser
9 lay on hands
10 improved sanctified aura
11 secondary domain lesser
12 positive & negative energy resist 10, negative level resist 1
13 improved lay on hands
14 primary domain greater
15 superior holy wrath
16 SR 10 + cleric level
17 secondary domain greater
18 positive & negative energy resist 20, negative level resist 2
19 shadow of death
20 primary domain capstone

energy pool: (6+wis bonus)*PL points; replenishes when you prepare spells - at that time, choose how much of the pool is positive energy and how much is negative energy. Rapid heal and reactive heal both draw on this pool for their energy.
rapid heal: swift action (or standard action), short range, heal up to 1d8+CL; 2d8+CL at PL3, 3d8+@PL6, 4d8+@PL9
reactive heal: immediate action, short range, heal up to 0; 1d8+CL @ PL6, 2d8+@PL9, 3d8+@PL12, 4d8+@PL15
overheal isn't expended. Can spend 1 point to heal 0 (i.e. stabilize a dying target). Will save negates; negated heals only expend 1 point.
holy wrath: short range ray, 1d8+CL (un)holy damage, add charisma bonus to hit and damage. Improved 2d8 and dazzles targets for one round. Superior 3d8 and medium range.
sanctified aura: protection from evil, personal, 10m cast time, duration permanent (dismissable). Improved is magic circle against evil instead. Note also the changes to these spells, below.
lay on hands: apply positive or negative energy to touched target at 1 point per round; does not draw on energy pool; target must be willing or helpless. Improved 5 per round.
shadow of death: Some kind of "I'm not dead yet!" power. Does not actually let you cheat death - merely delay it for a few rounds. Better hope that's long enough to ensure your companions survive and can get you resurrected.

Also note on healing:
the spell heal still exists - though it's now short range instead of touch.
the spell cure critical wounds still exists (also short range) - heals 4d8+CL. This may be further boosted with expenditure of points from energy pool, to a maximum total healed of 5 + 5*CL - max 80 at CL 15.
there will also be mass healing spells, probably starting around spell level two to three with something like a mass cure minor or mass lesser vigor or something. Details not yet available. Feedback or suggestions appreciated.
healing spells will have negative energy versions - might bring back 3.0 reversible spells instead of making named alternates, though.

Domains add one known (prepared) spell at each spell level. Also have initial, lesser, greater, and capstone powers - these are class abilities that just happen to vary by domain.

Fire: (Note: this version of the fire domain is based on destruction / emotion. You could make a very different fire domain based on, for example, hearth / forge / creation.)
1: burning hands
2: rage
3: fireball
4: wall of fire
5: flame strike
6: greater heroism
7: incendiary cloud
8: infatuation : mechanically similar to directed charm monster, though the instilled emotion is different.
9: greater firestorm (casting time is a standard action instead of one full round)

initial power:
Fiery Wrath: You may choose to make your holy wrath ability deal fire damage; this increases its damage by 1d6. If you don't have the holy wrath ability, you may make a touch attack dealing 1d6 fire damage plus one half your caster level.
You also gain fire resist 5.

lesser power:
Burning Resolve: +2 morale bonus on saves versus fear.
Inflame: Incite all allies that can hear you, granting them your burning resolve, and an equal morale bonus to hit and damage. (Yes, you do also gain this second bonus yourself.) Activates as a full round action, lasts five minutes. Usable a number of times per day equal to your charisma bonus plus three (minimum four times per day).
You also gain fire resist 10.

greater power:
Elemental Attunement: +2 to save DCs & caster level of fire spells you cast. (No, this does not include the mind-altering spells that are granted by the fire domain. Just spells with the actual fire descriptor.)
You also gain fire resist 20, your fiery wrath damage increases by 1d6, your burning resolve bonus increases to +3, and your inflame duration increases to ten minutes.

capstone power:
You can turn into a fire elemental. Usable at will.
Also, your burning resolve bonus increases to +4, and your inflame duration increases to 15 minutes.

General Spell list:
(Is missing: mass healing spells - aside from mass heal, summoning spells. Should have at least some of each.)

0: create water, detect magic, detect poison, guidance (insight bonus), light, mending, purify food and drink, resistance, virtue
1: bane/bless (reversible), bless water / curse water (reversible), cause fear, command, deathwatch (not evil), detect evil/neutral/allied, detect undead, doom, endure elements, entropic shield, hide from undead, magic weapon (10m*CL), obscuring mist, protection from evil (see description), remove fear, sanctuary, shield of faith
2: aid (10m*CL & bonus also applies to skill & ability checks), bear's endurance (10m*CL), calm emotions, consecrate / desecrate (reversible & see description), darkness, death knell, delay poison, eagle's splendor (10m*CL), gentle repose, make whole, owl's wisdom (10m*CL), remove paralysis, resist energy, lesser restoration, searing light / shadows (see description), shield other, status, undetectable alignment
3: animate dead, bestow / remove curse (reversible - bestow duration 1hr*CL or permanent at CL 10+), cause / remove blindness/deafness (reversible - cause duration 1hr*CL or permanent at CL 10+), contagion / remove disease (reversible), daylight, deeper darkness (as darkness but completely opaque), dispel magic, glyph of warding (can have one active at no material component cost), invisibility purge, locate object, magic circle against evil (see description), magic vestment, obscure object (24hr), prayer, protection from energy (1hr*CL), speak with dead
4: cure / inflict critical wounds (see description), death ward (see description), dimensional anchor, dismissal, freedom of movement (see description), imbue with spell ability (see description), greater magic weapon, neutralize poison (reversible), restoration, sending, spell immunity
5: atonement, blistering radiance / freezing darkness (reversible & see description), break enchantment, disrupting weapon (1hr*CL & turn resistance applies), hallow / unhallow (reversible & see description), mark of justice, raise dead / slay living (reversible), scrying, spell resistence, symbol of pain (see description), symbol of sleep (see description)
6: banishment, mass bear's endurance (+6 & 1hr*CL), create undead / undeath to death (reversible), greater dispel magic, mass eagle's splendor (+6 & 1hr*CL), find the path, forbiddance (material component cost 1/10th list value), geas/quest, greater glyph of warding, heal / harm (reversible & see description), mass owl's wisdom (+6 & 1hr*CL), symbol of fear (see description), symbol of persuasion (see description), tongues, word of recall
7: destruction / resurrection (reversible), ethereal jaunt, holy word, plane shift, refuge, regenerate, greater restoration, greater scrying, symbol of stunning (see description), symbol of weakness (see description)
8: create greater undead, comprehend languages, dimensional lock, discern location, sunfire / shadowfrost (reversible & see description), holy aura (see description), greater spell immunity, symbol of death (see description), symbol of insanity (see description)
9: energy drain, etherealness, foresight, gate, mass heal / harm (see description), miracle (see description), soul bind, true resurrection

protection from evil: lasts 10m per caster level. Deflection & resistance bonuses increase with caster level - same rate as shield of faith. Resistance bonus doubles against posession & mental control effects (enchantment charm or compulsion) & applies regardless of alignment of origin of effect. Does not grant immunity to such effects; does not grant an additional save against effects already in place (though the bonus would apply if, for example, some other effect allowed an extra save while the protection spell was active.) Does not completely prevent contact by summoned creatures - though the deflection & resistance bonuses apply against such creatures regardless of alignment.

consecrate / desecrate: lasts 24 hours per caster level. Turning bonuses / penalties are instead applied to hit & damage on the holy wrath ability, & to save DCs of appropriate spells (undeath to death, hide from undead, etc.). Material component is just the (un)holy water.

searing light / searing shadows: auto-quickened. Imbues your next 1+CL/3 (max 5 at CL12) holy wrath attacks (within one minute) with light or darkness, dealing an extra 1d6 damage and dazzling targets who fail a fortitude save. The dazzling effect lasts one minute per caster level.

death ward: blanket immunity effects annoy me, especially when short duration and necessary for certain types of opponents. Not sure yet how to change this; may include multiple versions at multiple spell levels.

freedom of movement: see death ward.

imbue with spell ability: needs some adjustments to account for the current non-spell healing system.

blistering radiance / freezing darkness: verbal, somatic, divine focus components, standard action to cast, medium range, 10' burst, reflex half, SR yes. Does 1d6 damage per caster level (max 15d6); damage is fire / cold. Leaves behind a 10' sphere of illumination / shadowy light equivalent to a daylight / darkness spell, for a duration of 1 round per caster level.

hallow / unhallow: material component costs reduced to 1/10th listed value. Turning bonuses applied similarly to consecrate / desecrate.

symbol spells: You may have one active symbol spell at no material component cost. However, wearing it on a chain around your neck so you can pull it out in the middle of combat with a move action, is cheating. Symbols are defensive spells.

holy aura: some modifications to make this spell actually useful to people who have access to 8th level spells. Possibly giving it a long duration and wrapping in useful but normally short duration defensive effects like freedom of movement, death ward, etc? Might also want to buff it up to +6 deflection & resistance bonuses. Or maybe beef up its retributive powers. Not sure. Feedback appreciated.

sunfire / shadowfrost: similar to blistering radiance / freezing darkness, but based off of fire storm instead of flame strike.

mass heal / harm: May be cast as a standard action, in which case any target who chooses to resist automatically takes no damage (or healing, as the case may be). May be cast with a one round cast time, in which case it functions normally.

miracle: Miracle is a tricky spell to deal with, and how it works is likely to vary by setting, based on how the gods work in that setting. I'm considering just giving it an XP cost similar to wish, possibly with a note that the cost may be waived if you use it for something that is directly and personally relevant to your patron deity.

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