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Sone Chiyuri was trained by an ancient order of assassins* and has gone through mercenary and anti-hero versions over the years. She's also gone through several races over the years, unfortunately due to the casual racism of the writers. The most consistent version lists her has Chinese. She's mostly been a villain or foil for the main character of the comic, but mayhap could earn her own title sometime.

Aura has a strong life-force. With training, she was able to manifest it in various ways.

  • Sone:
    • Trained Assassin: Aura is a skilled shadow-warrior, with all that entails. Stealth, martial arts, weapons, breaking and entering, etc. While she does not go for the "modern tech-assassin", she does not shy away from it either. Her interest in guns strongly depends on her opponents and the whims of the writers.
    • Aura: Aura can cause her life-force to manifest in a pale-blue copy of herself. Either, surrounding her, or off by itself. Of particular note, Aura's body remains active while her life-force is manifest. A number of comics have them fighting side-by-side.
    • Enhanced Attributes: When merged with her manifested life force, she becomes much stronger, able to life 2 - 5 tons, depending on the writer. She is faster, able to dodge and parry bullets, and heals at a rapid rate.
    • Extra Movement: The above comes with the enhanced ability to jump, run up walls, and walk on water. This grants her increased stealth (although she does radiate some light while doing this).
    • Infused Weapons: Weapons Aura wields can be infused with her life-force. allowing her to use them to cut through things that shouldn't be cut or harm things that are immune to normal weapons (but not magic).
    • Infused Touch: By pushing her life-force into others, she can heal or harm with a touch, as well as read surface thoughts and emotions.
    Projected Aura:
    • Intangible: The independent aura is incapable of touching anything. It cannot lift or pickup physical objects. Likewise, it cannot be damaged or disrupted by them. This allows it to walk through walls. the Aura still glows a pale-blue however. Which makes it less than ideal for quiet assassinations.
    • Flight: As a being of pure energy, the Aura can fly and is unbound by physical constraints such as gravity.
    • Infused Touch: The same as above.
    • Anchored: One of the few drawbacks, the projected aura must remain within 100 feet of Sone's body at all times. It is assumed to be a hard limit to her powers, but there is yet to be an exploration of what might happen if the aura is forced beyond the range.
*: Or, depending on the version, ALL ancient orders of assassins.

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