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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 1:01 am 

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Name - Aurora
Race - Unknown
Gender - Female

Reputation - To those that keep tabs on mercenaries and bounty hunters Aurora is a relative newcomer, having entered the field only a few years ago. Depending on who you ask her reputation varies from homicidal maniac to professional and efficient. She prefers missions and fights where she doesn't have to attempt to take prisoners, she'll be the first to admit the abilities she has do not lend themselves well to anything but killing. Unless provoked she does what she can to kill quickly and efficiently, though whether this is from a dislike of suffering or simple pragmatism is debatable. Provoke her, however, and an entirely different beast surfaces. While she can't hold a candle to professional torturers she is most certainly a skilled amateur at the "art". However, all but the harshest critic or fanatic would admit that unless provoked she does her best to contain fights and generally will not start a fight without good reason.

Personality - A good starting point would be the oft stereotyped personality of a magic user specialized in fire. Mercurial and temperamental, Aurora has a rather acid wit and dry sense of humor. While generally not the one to start a fight without good reason her temper insures she's quick to return fire (sometimes too quick) and generally escalates the fight when she joins in depending on her feelings towards whatever she is fighting. She shows an odd contrast of a familiarity with local society that a recent immigrant would lack and a seeming utter ignorance of any behaviors or memories of the sort one would associate with any age group younger than a mature adult's.

Appearance - Shoulder-length thick black hair, charcoal grey eyes, skin color and facial structure best summed up with by "Native American x Caucasian". She wears a full length pair of pants and a vest made of supple dark grey leather, the vest featuring subtle red and gold embroidery of stylized flames. Underneath the vest is a shirt rather like short-sleeved mock turtleneck (high-necked, doesn't fold over though) of a soft but durable fabric a bit lighter than the vest and pants. Her boots and gloves are both of sturdy manufacture and a dark color that would be labelled black if it weren't for her armor. Visible only between her gloves and shirt sleeves under normal circumstances, it actually covers her entire body save for her hands, feet, and head and resembles nothing so much as small faintly iridescent black dragon- or snake-scales and moves like a second skin. Her cloak is made out of stuff similar to what her shirt is and is a similar hue but is edged with a darker band of grey. Tied around her waist is a vivid fire-colored sash. (NOTE - If viewed with true seeing or other abilties that enable someone to see through illusory disguises, the following attributes are different in appearance: Eyes have fire-colored irises with catlike pupils, "forelock" of hair is a matching color to her hair-lock and sash, and canine teeth both top and bottom are slightly pointed.)

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