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Trump FAQ

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 9:44 am
by Joshua
Tip: When writing these during a final exam, the final exam should take precedence.

So, there is some confusion about how trump works, so a quick summary.

What does a trump card feel like?
Trump is 'cool' to the touch. The ones that Dworkin gave out feel almost like plastic. They have a little bit of give, but after a certain point will stop. They cannot be destroyed, so, knives won't cut them, you can't light them on fire, and dipping them in acid doesn't harm them. Likewise, they are immune to all shadow magic. (You can't even telekinetically pick one up, although a summoned wind could blow one around.) You can always wipe them clean with a simple cloth. Otherwise, there's a good physical description of Dworkin's style in the Trump Deck post.

How do I make a call with them?
Generally, you hold out the card, and concentrate on it. With Chaos or Amber psyche, you may need to actually glare at the card to make contact, and physically looking at the card always helps. You do need to establish psychic contact with the card, and for everyone in Amber, that means physical contact. Also, since the cards are immune to shadow magic, using a power word or sorcery to initiate psychic contact won't work.

What is a trump call?
On the receiver end, a trump call starts as an invasive psychic presence that builds in your mind until contact is made. There is no indication who this psychic contact is from, although you can tell it's a trump call.
If you resist, the caller can press the contact and try to force their way in. Resistance takes concentration.
If you simply accept, you are basically saying "Here you go, enter my mind."

Can I tell them it's okay when I call?
Unfortunately, no communication is possible until AFTER the connection is established.

Doesn't each trump call feel different? There's a power for that.
Nope. Said power allows you to fan through your trump deck when receiving a trump call. IF you have a trump of the person making the call, then you can tell it's them. The call itself doesn't feel any different, and without your personal trump deck, you can't tell one call from another.
It's still totally worth the 5 points.

What does that connection do?
So, a trump allows for a basic mind-meld. So, in addition to basic communication you can do full-out mental combat. Rooting for memories, implanting suggestions, ripping their mind to shreds... All the good stuff. Generally, if you have at least Amber psyche, you can't get one-hit in psychic combat. And there's a lot of ways to lose a trump call. None of which you know if you haven't experimented with trump yet.