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Re: How to Make the Game Faster

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:47 pm
by Joshua
Tip: If you’re not feeling a scene, then post something generic. It’s okay to just describe what’s going on in brief. If you aren’t feeling like an argument, and that’s where the thread is, post something like “I make them look foolish and move on.” It’s okay. Although, if you want to do this to a PC, you may want to PM the person for permission first or substitute something like "I try to make them look... etc." or "I try to push the argument to a sufficiently inconclusive state that nobody loses face, then move on" or etc.
As a flip side of this, if the person you’re in a scene with tries to do it, let it happen. We all want to have fun, and if they’re not into that RP, accept things and move on.

Time-Skips (Previous mention.)

What parts of the game are you interested in? Adventure, exploring, having fun with powers, the politics, your character’s backstory and the backstories of others?

One of the reasons I chose Amber for a forum game is the narrative control each player is allowed to have. Whatever you want to explore I can work with. Sometimes I run out of ideas, sure, but I often get inspired by what players choose to do.

So, why is this called time-skips? Because, there’s been a few places recently where scenes have dragged on or ended up not being as interesting as others. I know a few players have been uncomfortable, or just lost as to what to do. Their character is in a scene with little vested interest and nothing at stake. It happens.

In that case, skip ahead. This isn’t a LARP. You can just fast forward. Start a thread that takes place the next day. Alys’ player has done this more than once, and it worked out well. It keeps things moving and it helps you realize that this is your game. I’m moderating it, but it’s your game, get to the parts you want to see*.
*: Again, maybe if you are walking the pattern or dueling with a shark you should perhaps resolve to be patient. But seriously, how many times has that come up?

Re: How to Make the Game Faster

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:19 pm
by Joshua
Post for the Hell of it

Seriously, regular posts keep the game moving. At the worst, post "I don't know what to do." or similar. Remember, there are no less than 3 people who want to help you get a post up. IM me or wyvern or another player. (I am fairly certain that Aibne and Harrune are both willing to help. Or any player really.)

Even if it's a short note, or a lame quip, we want to know you're still with us.