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Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:07 pm
by kitsunenotsume
Amongst the courts of Amber, Caelund appears quite human, middle-aged with square shoulders, a dusky complexion, umber eyes, and near-black hair swept off to the side. His bearing is self-assured and vigilant for anomalies, which then get observed with blatant curiosity (when tactical considerations permit).

Clean yet functional, Caelund prefers to wear slate-grey and dusky blues, concealing the worst of any mechanical mishaps from his projects. His crisply-starched synthetic work-shirts have their sleeves rolled up above the elbow, and are threaded throughout with thin iridescent strands every few millimeters that catch an single-hued shimmer in certain lights, producing a faintly circuit-like pattern among the intermittent grid. A similar textile is used in the neck-tie he often wears - though its shimmer is never the same as the shirt - and is clasped in place by a scarab of silvery material.
The scarab motif also appears as a clinch for a well-groomed and voluminous beard that reaches to the bottom of his sternum, his belt-buckle, and subtly on the face of his (effectively dysfunctional) fine Swiss watch. A set of thin mechanic’s gloves can often be found hanging from the pocket of his plain cargo-pants and matching combat boots. A card-case is always clipped to his belt, along with any other tools required for his current operations. For more formal occasions the pants and boots are traded for muted slacks and dress-shoes, though always with a bit of traction.

Caelund's been around Amber for around 8 months, but has mostly stuck to Dworkin's Workshop and working in the background in general.

Trump: The Wheel of Fortune
Centered on the card and occupying much of the space is a roulette wheel depicting the various trump suites and cards. The dichromatic card is Escher-like and depicting multiple perspectives, with creme-tinted illumination on surfaces facing toward the top of the card and midnight-blue shades towards the lower. With one side up the scene reveals a well-lit depiction of Caelund leaning over the table on one side, watching and possibly betting on the game; another depiction is reversed and shadowed 'beneath' the table, clearly tinkering with (or rigging) the gambling machine. Both images show the man hunched over, somewhat shorter and stockier than he is normally seen, with his substantial beard clasped and hanging down before and behind the table respectively. A studious examination reveals that the ball is missing from the image, but appears to circle the device if the card is viewed from the peripheries.
Backing the lit side is a scene of business, with a counter and display-cases against the wall, their contents obscured by fogged glass and glare. To one side is a curtained doorway into a back room where a game-board on a pedestal is partially visible, its pieces similarly indistinct.
Behind the shadowed side is a scene of mechanical complexity - perhaps a workshop or maintenance tunnel - lined with cables, pipes, and tangled scrap. A veritable host of mechanical fauna can be noted among the industrial scree, largely ignoring the man and his work with but a few observing or actively participating.

Psyche: Has demonstrated the ability to use Trumps without looking at them.
Strength: Always travels light, but isn't noticeably disadvantaged.
Endurance: Was quite winded after running wounded from the manticore for a mere two hours.
Warfare: Successfully managed to run wounded from the manticore for two hours. Given his vigilance and tendency to 'prepare-for-the-worst', he's clearly got some practical experience to back up general paranoia.

Powers: Minions?:
  • Effectively runs the Gingerfire Patisserie (though he denies ownership)
  • Is well connected with various other independent businesses throughout the trade wards

  • To recycle - Has a knack for re-purposing existing objects and debris to tasks they were never designed for, though the end result isn’t always pretty. Sometimes they are, though. . .
  • To make Shadow-Sculptures - Made of whatever is on-hand, he's produced a few apparently chaotic pieces of public artwork, each crystallizing into umbral scenes at certain hours.
  • Technosavant: Keeping a laptop and accessories functional in Amber probably isn't worth the effort, is it?
  • Sunglasses - Can almost always be found wearing a pair of tinted shades anywhere lit brighter than torchlight, particularly outside.
  • Unfinished Projects - Some craftsmen are meticulous, perfecting a task and cleaning up before starting the next. Caelund is not such a craftsman, often working on multiple endeavors at once and skipping between them (or making more) as his attention holds.
  • Trust is earned, Never given - Comes off as rather brusque and aloof, particularly during introductions and with those who prefer talk over actions.
  • Cryptic Language - Almost unconsciously, Caelund applies the inverse of Ockham's Razor to even his language: The most complex retort is very much the most probable. When consciously doing so, he produces illuminating lectures of loquacious and lengthy lexicon.

Re: Caelund's guest room in the Castle

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:25 pm
by kitsunenotsume
If one pokes around long enough through Castle Amber, a locked door leading to a small broom-closet may be located near the residences of the various castle staff. If one bypasses the trapped and sealed handle, the contents include a broom, a dustpan, a wooden bucket, a fully equipped toolbox on a shelf, and a bent nail hammered into the stone from which hangs a frame reading "Please ensure all immigration paperwork has been signed by the leopard on duty before departing this spacecraft". Asking one of the more knowledgeable castle staff would probably confirm the rooms' designated resident and that it is always locked.

If anyone is inclined to investigate further, PM me or something.