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Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:58 pm
by Rasanam
Lydre Rasanam (or Rasanam Wolfgrin, if you translate his family name into the common tongue) is an elf; tall, and thin, with pointed ears and slanted green eyes, fair skin and short black hair. He moves with the natural grace typical of his race, albeit usually with a bit of a distracted air, as if his attention is mostly elsewhere. Which, to be fair, is frequently the case.

He prefers clothing that is both ornate and utilitarian; even on formal occasions, he'll have plenty of pockets, filled with sketchbooks and lenses and bits of clockwork. Typical colors are greys and browns with silver trim - colors that can more easily conceal a bit of leaked grease or the dust from walking down a road. (Though, those who are sensitive to such things will note that many of his outfits are enchanted to repel minor blemishes. Arguably a waste of time and power, but he has both to spare these days.) There are two constants, though: a steel amulet that holds some sort of complicated clockwork mechanism (and similarly complicated enchantments) - and a golden wedding band, inset with diamond in intricate circuit-board-like patterns.

Trump Card: Three of Wands. Rasanam is depicted looking out over a vast circular harbor; several merchant ships can be seen on the waters, and a single small island floats serenely in midair. To his left stands a copper pipe, topped with a complicated and apparently steam-powered orrery. To his right, a silver stave balances upright and unsupported, four runes near the top glowing blue. The third "wand" - and the only one Rasanam is holding - is a thin sapling; it's unclear if he's holding the tree upright, or leaning on it for support.

Psyche: Mid-Ranked. Rasanam has demonstrated a significant degree of magical power, though only rarely with intent to impress.
Strength: Unknown - though he has demonstrated at least unranked strength in conjunction with shapeshifting spells.
Endurance: At least Amber rank - he survived the Pattern, after all. Beyond that, nobody (probably including himself) knows for sure.
Warfare: Unranked - Rasanam has participated in occasional sparring matches; he's certainly good, but he's well behind people like Oberon.

Powers: Sorcery, Empowerment, Pattern

Minions: Fjolnir, a sarcastic talking raven with some spellcasting ability of his own.

  • "Any sufficiently analyzed magic..." (Not that he'd phrase it that way himself - he's a wizard first, engineer second - but the attitude matches.)
  • Expert shapeshifter (he doesn't have the natural ability, but is quite skilled at substituting magic instead.)
  • The talent to make friends out of enemies.
  • The talent to make things. (Especially clockwork and enchanted items and drawings.)
  • The "talent" to be oblivious. ("Wait, I have apprentices? When did that happen?")
  • Always carries a sketchbook.
  • Ask questions first, shoot only if you have to.
  • Considers mind-altering magics distasteful, though not necessarily inherently evil.
  • Married to Lyra.

Rasanam's Shapeshift Forms

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:07 pm
by Rasanam
Rasanam uses sorcery for his shapeshifting. The forms he's researched include:
  • Aquatic Dragon: a sleek bipedal dragon, with a pointed sharklike nose, gills, fluked tail, and thick, surprisingly muscular wings supported by a single finger - what you'd get if you crossed a pterosaur with a manta ray. The wings don't fold, instead wrapping around his body in a sort of a living robe of rippling blue and silver.
    People used to birds or bats might think these wings are poorly adapted for flight. They'd be wrong - recent fossil evidence shows that pterosaur wings were muscular, and probably included air bladders to allow fine adjustment of wing thickness. The wing designs in use here are poorly adapted for gliding or long-distance flight, but they are well designed for rapid take-offs, aerial maneuverability, and underwater use of any sort.
  • Armored Drake: A small (roughly human-sized) steel-grey dragon (fully quadrupedal, but with all four feet having usable thumbs), with angular armored plates covering vital points and blade-like "feathers" instead of a vulnerable wing membrane. Glowing blue lines trace geometric patterns across plates and scales, playing up the angular and almost construct-like appearance, though the underlying design still holds to comparatively sleek elven aesthetics. ((...Huh, did I just design a tron-dragon? Well... no, not quite, more tron/steampunk...))

Rasanam's Rooms

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:00 pm
by Rasanam
Rasanam's "permanent guest suite" in Castle Amber:
Located on the third floor (and in the same wing as most of the other suites for Tir'na Nog'th's Amberites), the suite is designed as a sort of inside-out puzzle box with reconfigurable dividing walls and furniture that folds neatly away when not in use. Leading off from the main room(s) are a balcony, a washroom, and a number of closets, all of somewhat more traditional design.
The floor is polished near-black granite, inlaid with a network of silver curves and circles; in many of the room's configurations, this is topped with sections of thick navy blue carpet. The walls are wood paneling, with a mix of plain flat panels and relief carvings of various sorts, ranging from idyllic forest scenes, to skeletal diagrams carved to resemble fossils, to abstract mathemagical patterns. The ceiling is a complex network of metal tracks backed by a mosaic of translucent blue glass. During the day, sunlight filters through to illuminate the room; at night, the ceiling glows with a soft mage-light.
The balcony is (as was mentioned) somewhat more traditional; a semicircular platform looking out over the Castle's courtyard, planters around the edge sprouting a hardy ivy whose tiny blue flowers perfume the air for most of the year.
And the last portion of note is one of the closets: a tiny room, just big enough for one person to stand, with a relief carving of Lyra's dragon form on one wall, and her (half)elven form on the other. The far wall is stone, with a carefully painted image showing a very similar room (albeit with slightly different decorations), which itself has a similarly painted far wall, nesting images descending ad infinitum... This is, of course, a trump image, allowing Rasanam quick access to Lyra's quarters in Ht'gon (and vice versa).
Oh, right, and there are the standard secret passages and servants' entrance and the like; nothing of any particular interest beyond the one trump path described above, though.