Optional NPC: Julius

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Optional NPC: Julius

Post by Joshua » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:06 pm

(If you'd like to play Julius, just ask. He's mostly a filler character at the moment, so would best be replaced by a PC. He is an example of a not so human member of court. The knight of this suit is likely a centaur.)

Not all of the people Dworkin has recruited are human. Julius is a troll, a green 7' 6" tall flesh-eating monster of wiry speed and deadly endurance. He's a lot thinner than most people expect, looking almost emaciated with tight stretched muscles that don't bulge.

Julius is surprisingly soft spoken for his kind. A little bit squeamish about slaughter, although more than willing to defend himself. He makes the guards nervous, but has been going out of his way to demonstrate he is just as smart as anyone else. To this end, he's made an effort to wear a traditional tunic which fails to make him look any less terrifying.

Julius never quits. He can be redirected, but once he wants something he pursues it with a single minded determination. This ended poorly when he wanted to be accepted by court. However, he's been in Amber a few years, and things are starting to settle down.

Trump: King of Coins (Note: He's actually the "advisor" of this suit, not the ruler. There is some debate as to why he's not the Knight.)
Julius sits on a throne made of twisted brambles, flipping a single coin as if for a game. The fort of Ht'gon An-Rit can be seen behind him, with sun above. A single ray of sunlight shines into the fort, indicating the portrait is at noon, when the fort's pattern is visible. The pattern itself is not in the picture. (Although if you use a magnifying glass, there is the faintest hint of a reflection in the coin being flipped.)

Psyche: Amber
Strength: Low Ranked
Endurance: Mid to High Ranked
Warfare: Amber

Pattern, Shapeshifting (Repair wounds only)

The Talent to take but a flesh wound
The Talent to be casually terrifying.
The Talent to be empathic.
The Talent to "clean up good"

Craving for Innocence. (So much worse when you can't indulge.)
Raw Meat only
Too feeling for a Troll, too Monstrous for a human.
Awareness of social standing.

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