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Posted Jobs

Postby Joshua » Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:52 pm

Job: Wall Repairs (Completed March 14th ,1519)
Poster: Mayor Thumbletack
Date: January 14th, 1519 (this year)
Looks like the wall broke again. We managed to get the mason there to repair it on our own last time... but... we need replacement adventurers to stand guard so he can do it right this time. The walls been in shoddy repair for almost a year now, and the corruption creeps out when it breaks. Still not sure if removing the graveyard will help us in the long run, but properly sealing it is absolutely needed.
Rewards: 12 gp if you escort the mason.

Job: Mother's Necklace (completed March 19, 1519)
Poster: Arrol (the half-orc)
Date: July 12, 1518 (last year)
When I first arrived, I was attacked by a masked figure by the graveyard. His touch froze me in place, and he grabbed my mother's necklace off my neck, mumbling to himself. Thankfully I recovered before he could start eating, but... Well, he headed back to teh graveyard. The necklace is one of the few things I have that reminds me of my family. I'd do anything to get it back.
Rewards: I don't have much money, but ... maybe we can work something out?

Job: New Goblins (Completed March 16th, 1519, by driving them north?)
Poster: Mayor Thumbletack
Date: Oct 18, 1518 (last year)
So, there's a new group of goblins that moved into the abandoned slate mine and quarry by town (directions below). Not sure what they're up to, but they're actually close enough to raid us, and while the cemetery is keeping them at bay, we really should figure out what they want.
Rewards: Keep what you find? I'll toss in 20gp for solid intel and 100gp (each) if you drive them off.
(scribbled underneath) Uh, new adventurers, talk to me and we'll figure out a fair price.

Job: Close Kobolds (completed April 14th-ish, With a weird agreement.)
Poster: Mayor Thumbletack
Date: June 27, 1518 (last year)
Rummus ran into some of these buggers when he was searching for rare herbs south of town. They're probably an offshoot of the tribe that lives with the dragon, but they might be newcomers. While they're far enough away that they won't travel all the way here, I'm worried they're going to invite another dragon to be 'local'. That would be a disaster.
Rewards: I'll do 10gp if you can assure me they're not summoning a dragon. 50gp if you stop / prevent them from doing so. More so is you make that permanent.
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Re: Posted Jobs

Postby Joshua » Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:12 am

Job: Orc Research
Poster: Tobias Clarkson, on behalf of the esteemed researcher Evan Chaser*
Date: March 12th, 1519 (Date spring caravan arrived)
My illustrious patron wishes to research why orcs only seem to live in the region. To further his research, he will need components- living and preferably unharmed. As the mayor has forbidden me from talking to the half-orcs in town (about participation in the research), my hope is to acquire full-blooded orcs. A minimum of two is required, although, more would allow for some leeway in the experiments.
Rewards: 25gp for one (if multiple groups are getting them), 75gp for two, with 5 gp per additional research component (if you get a group).
*: Religion or Arcana check for info about him, he's prominent.
(OOC: I am not actually expecting pcs to do this... There's other plot in the post.)

Job: Iron and Steel Shortage
Poster: Steel (The Blacksmith)
Date: March 13th, 1519
As I mentioned, we're a little short on metal. A town earlier on the caravan route decided to buy up all the metal. So, if you want heavy armor or a lot of replacement weapons, you'll need to get some from a local mine.
The Kobolds are in one, There's a few other's nearby... (some notes included, will flesh out on the map)
Rewards: let's say 1/3 off the price of your armor. and if you get some really good stuff, Maybe I can pound out something magical.
(Party raided the Collapsed Mine on March 25th, there is still a bit of a shortage.)

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Re: Posted Jobs

Postby Joshua » Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:44 pm

Job: Graveyard Rivals
Poster: Sir Tristen the Wolf, Knight of the Western Provence, Undead Guardian of Iseult*
Date: March 20th, 1519
Greetings adventurers,
As you know, undead do not gain power like the living do. As such, I accept my continued existence has contingence on my usefulness.
So this end, I ask assistance in removing a specter from the lands above the necropolis. You do know about that, right? Well, if not, that's free. There's a necropolis under the graveyard. If you help me remove the specter, I can grant you safe passage into the necropolis.
(there's a coat of arms drawn before his signature)
Rewards: Keep what you find in the lair, and as stated, free and safe passage through the graveyard. If needed, I suppose I could lend you some skeletons or zombies for digging out the lair. At the moment, we both control about a dozen of them.
(This message was attached to an arrow shot at town from the graveyard. We're lucky we found it. I guess?)

Job: Chit Happens
Poster: Mayor Thumbletack
Date: March 25th, 1519
It seems that your group found a pack of... Ch- Chitine, I think I'm spelling that right. Don't write that down! Anyhow, You found a group of Chitine in the Collapsed mine. These creatures usually live only in the underdark, and I'm concerned that perhaps there's a drow encampment or, well, there's an opening to the underdark only about 30 miles from town... Yes, I know about the rift! That's 50 or 60 miles, and on the other side of the mountains! Don't write that either!
Rewards: I'm sure you can find treasure among the group. If you only get proper intel, another 50 gold seems good. If you can collapse the entrance completely, that's worth 200 gold. We can always negotiate more if there's no real treasure.

Job: No Museum ("Completed" for him about May 2nd.)
Poster: Ti'Aruil of Everglade
Date: April 12st, 1519
Hear ye,
In a months time, I will seek out an artifact hidden near Twelveday. To this end, additional members rounding out my adventuring team would be useful. Auditions for this prestigious position shall be held on the end of month.
Rewards: Accepted applicants will be blessed with a share of treasure, proportional to experience. As with any adventuring party, negotiations are expected with the offer. (Said artifact is not open for negotiations, immortality is not for the mortal realm.)
(OOC: It should be fairly clear, but, any agreement with the above ghoul is likely to be undermined by this jerk.)
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Re: Posted Jobs

Postby Joshua » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:46 pm

Job: Wyrmling Rescue
Poster: Dragon-Shadow Clan (This was wordlessly dropped off by a winged Kobold who flew away...)
Date: April 15th, 1519
(In Draconic)
The strange barbarian said that you were willing to rescue our children. They mean a lot to us, and are worth dealing with outsiders to get back. We're not sure how dangerous the wizard was who kidnapped them, but tower-wizards are almost always bad news. As far as we know, the only way into the tower is through the horrible menagerie mines, where he lets loose all his failed experiments.
We understand that some of our children may have been used for components. Save who you can, stop the wizard from stealing more. That is enough.
Rewards: We're not sure if you wanted us to summon a dragon or not summon a dragon, but, we're willing to do either for the return of our children. Please let us know.
(OOC: Olo, check your map. Not that that's better than the mine, but it gives another option.)

Job: Your Name.
Poster: Thomas of the Crossroads on behalf of the goblin woman, with consultation by Honor Rain (5th level Cleric of Civilization, she's full-time with the caravan.)
Date: March 20th, 1519
While the transformation has been halted, so long as she's surrounded by the town and civilization, she's far enough along that we cannot reverse it with a simple Remove Curse. She needs her lost name. The larger goblin tribe to the north might know it.
Rewards: A new life for a poor victim.

Job: A Goblin's Question
Poster: Hal
Date: April 18th, 1519 (This assumes you head back to town after the meeting with the kobolds.)
(A simple scrawled note, in orcish. There's a bit of alcohol splatter on the paper.)
I don't know my past.
Am like her? With a real name?
What if I am not?

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