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Important NPCs

Postby Wyvern » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:12 pm

Starting with a quick summary of the Amberites:
  • Oberon
    King of Amber for at least the past eight hundred years - accurate histories older than that are hard to come by. Currently missing; he departed into shadow seven years ago with neither warning nor explanation. It is possible that a PC who has been around Amber longer than that could have met him, but most will know him only by his towering reputation.
  • Benedict
    Exemplar of Quick and Focus; Master of arms and warfare. Laconic. Has little patience for family politics, but is devoted to the defense of Amber. Benedict can typically be found out in shadow, fighting, though he does visit Amber every few years.
  • Eric
    Exemplar of Craft in the sense of crafting deals and plans and treaties. Generally acts the role of the quintessential nobleman. Has a strong rivalry with his younger brother Corwin. Eric is acting as Regent in his father's absence, and thus spends most of his time in Amber.
  • Corwin
    A brooding loner, Corwin matches his older brother Eric in any field of conflict... save that of making friends (or at least allies). Currently spends his time ruling a shadow called Avalon, somewhere far beyond the reach of the Dragon Lines. Generally considered one of the more casually murderous Amberites; approach with caution.
  • Dierdre
    Pretty much the third-best Amberite at any sort of personal-scale combat, after Oberon and Benedict (or, for more strength-based endeavors, after Oberon and Gerard.) Typically less brooding than Corwin, but still a loner; her current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Caine
    Exemplar of Sneak; Caine is shifty and conniving and treacherous, with a habit of playing both sides of any given conflict. Currently responsible for the Black Line, though he prefers to spend his time sailing in Stygia with only occasional visits to double-checking on troop positions in Dwarrodelf.
  • Fiona
    Exemplar of Focus, and (arguably) the best sorcerer among the Amberites.
  • Bleys.
  • Llewella.
  • Brand.
  • Flora.
  • Julian.
  • Gerard.
  • Random.

(I'll be editing this post to fill out the rest of the quick descriptions, but I wanted to at least get all the names up now. Also note that Dworkin is not on this list; while the regular Amber setting has him as Oberon's father, there's no guarantee that particular 'fact' will be accurate in this game.)

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