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Loose Ends

Postby Joshua » Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:23 pm

One of the great things about Young Justice is that it didn't drop any plotlines. I'm planning on bringing most of these back. Also, at some point, you may want to proactively poke one of them.

  • Dr. Lana Gray was doing research on something (mad-science!) in NYC. To further this research she kidnapped hundreds of pets and stray animals including cats, dogs and more. She was stopped a few years back and the kidnapped animals were either returned or put up for adoption. This hasn't actually come up in game, but Xark's cat was one of those rescued. (Said cat was fully declawed by Dr. Gray, front and back feet.)
  • Humor does not normally let go of his hosts without a fight. He let 4 go in rapid succession at the beginning of game.
  • One of Humor's ex hosts was persecuted by Bones
  • Soul Ring left the group and went solo in the first issue as well.
  • The project that created Syn-60/Retrofit has a mysterious person who set it up that has not been found out. Project Synergy, if you're curious.
  • Syn-61 disappeared in an off-screen explosion. We're sure he's dead, 'cause that always means these people never bother you again.
  • Tzzkk is a necromancer who took over the base initially as a trap to Shift. He was captured by the team.
  • The Tautlorn invasion scouts are in custody at the NYPD.
  • A.C.E. (Automated Control Emulator) the AI is in a Roomba body. And currently with the NYPD.
  • Bones has been attempting to infiltrate the law-offices and DA office in Manhatten.

The current thought is that this will be an up-to-date list, and if there's things you want to poke and want me to flesh out, let me know by pm or posting on here.

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