St. Valentine's Day Lockdown

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St. Valentine's Day Lockdown

Postby Marcus » Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:04 pm

Belay my previous orders. All kindred who wish are allowed in Elysium. Lafayette may keep his regency but he has no status with in Rochester city limits. There are to be no more interrogations. However, no new kindred will be acknowledged without the approval of the primogen council and the confirmation of the prince.

Also, in light of the attack on the prince last month, the prince will only be in the courtroom during his address to the court at the beginning and end of the night. After which the prince will conduct business from his private office. If you need to speak with the prince while he is in chambers you need only ask and I will schedule an appointment for you, time permitting.

Finally, I would ask that the primogen join me for a special meeting this Saturday evening, during which I will explain the my findings on what I've deemed the "St.Valtine's Day Lockdown".

Dankeshoen mein Kollegen.

Kristoff Kliene
Seneschal of Rochester

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Re: St. Valentine's Day Lockdown

Postby Benabik » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:22 am

Having spoken to some important members of court, and in light of the Seneschal's proclamation, I will return to resume my position and keep the peace.

I will view any use of powers on an unwilling target as a breach of the traditions. My patience is short, so tread lightly.

Martin Chicatchik
Transcendent and Terrible Adept of the Burning Terror

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